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This Fall 2021 the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs announced the Rohatyn Global Scholars program. This program brings select first-year students together to explore, accelerate, and deepen their understanding of complex global issues.  It positions Scholars to appreciate the full range of global educational and professional opportunities that a Middlebury experience offers. 

Through a series of interactive events, RGS helps foster self-discovery, social engagement, and critical inquiry into global challenges and opportunities.  In the process, it deepens Scholars’ understanding of the world and equips them with a global outlook that will enhance whatever majors they may ultimately declare. Applications to the program are open in early September.

Please use the following link for the Fall 2021 Calendar (keep in mind that this is updated frequently).

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For more information, contact Nadia R.Horning, Director of the Rohatyn Global Scholars Program.

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