Visitors to Campus

Visitors will not be allowed during the 2020–21 academic year in order to reduce the risk of exposure on our campus. Visitors are defined as anyone other than students enrolled for on-campus instruction, employees of Middlebury College who are approved to be on campus, and others who are authorized by the College to be on campus (e.g., essential service providers). Middlebury students who are enrolled to study remotely and living off campus, or students on leave, are considered visitors and are not permitted on campus.

Other campus visitors who are not permitted include outside speakers, athletics spectators, prospective students, those taking recreational walks or self-guided tours through campus, and visitors to performing arts events and campus facilities such as the Museum of Art, McCullough Student Center, and the athletics center.

Visitors are only permitted to access Middlebury campus locations that are open to the public (e.g., the Ralph Myhre Golf Course, Snow Bowl, Rikert Nordic Center, and certain portions of the Trail Around Middlebury “TAM”). The following sections of the TAM will be closed to the public and are reserved for student use only (the decision to close these sections of the TAM was made in collaboration with the Middlebury Area Land Trust, which oversees the TAM):

  • The Red Kelly Trail
  • The Class of 1997 Trail
  • The section of the TAM that runs from College Street through the solar panel array north to Weybridge Street
  • The Knoll

Roads that are under the ownership and control of the College, such as Old Chapel Road, Adirondack View, Porter Field Road, Service Road, Château Road, and Bicentennial Way, are CLOSED to public access at this time. Public highways, such as College Street, South Main Street, Weybridge Street, Hillcrest Road, Shannon Street, Storrs Avenue, and Franklin Street, remain open for public use. The Catholic cemetery on Hillcrest and the town cemetery off South Main Street remain accessible.

Please check the campus status web page for the most current information regarding campus visitors.

Deliveries to Campus

Deliveries for students can be made at 75 Shannon Street or at other approved locations. Students need to arrange directly with vendors for contactless transactions and deliveries following all precautions (face coverings and physical distancing) at the pickup location.

Employees are not permitted to order items for personal use, including food, for delivery to campus. Employees may only order items for delivery that are from approved vendors and for use at work.