When You Arrive in Middlebury

Travel directly to campus. To protect yourself and others from possible exposure to the virus, do not stop anywhere in town to get a snack, pick up supplies, or visit with friends.

Students who have belongings in off-campus storage facilities should come directly to campus rather than going to the storage facility before arrival on campus. You will need to wait to retrieve your belongings until after receiving a negative Day 7 test. Students living on campus will be restricted to campus and should bring essentials they will need with them on arrival day. Students approved for off-campus living may travel between campus and their residences only.

Day 0 Testing Protocols

When arriving on campus, students will make their first stop at the COVID-19 Testing Center in Virtue Field House at the Peterson Family Athletic Complex for a Day 0 COVID-19 test. The COVID-19 Testing web page and this video of the student arrival testing center provide more information about the testing process.

Students Who Have Already Had a Positive COVID-19 Test

Students with a laboratory-confirmed RT-PCR viral test positive must provide Health Services with an official copy of their test results and the date their symptoms (if any) started. This information will be reviewed by Health Services staff, which will notify them of a decision via their Middlebury email. Individuals meeting the CDC and VDH criteria will not be required to do Day 0 or Day 7 arrival testing, or targeted dynamic testing, if testing dates fall within 90 days from illness onset or their positive test. Individuals will be expected to maintain all other COVID-19 mitigation measures. Detailed information for students who have previously tested positive for COVID-19 is available here

Move-In and Drop-Off Procedures

After receiving a Day 0 test, students will pick up dinner and breakfast at the testing center and move into their rooms. Snacks and beverages will also be available in students’ rooms. Students will stay in room quarantine until the Day 0 test results are available (usually after 36 hours). Students living in approved off-campus housing will be expected to stay in their rooms as well, other than to get food at their residence or use the bathroom, until they receive negative test results.

While  Vermont guidance specifies that two visitors may accompany a student on their arrival day, Middlebury asks that students bring only one drop-off visitor. If families traveling long distances require two drop-off visitors to enable safe driving, one visitor should remain in the vehicle while on campus. During the testing process, we ask that families and visitors remain with their vehicles. A designated restroom facility will be available at the testing center.

Visitors must meet state requirements for dropping off students at college, which means either complying with the state of Vermont travel restrictions or conducting a contactless drop-off and quarantine during their visit to Vermont. Please check the latest state of Vermont travel and quarantine requirements before departing for Vermont, including the requirements for dropping off students at college and  Vermont’s Cross State Travel Frequently Asked Questions.

Due to health and safety restrictions, move-in day visitors will not be able to enter the residence halls or any other College building. Visitors must limit their activities outside the car to helping the student unload at the curb and must wear face coverings and maintain physical distance from others. Students will be responsible for moving all of their belongings into their rooms by themselves.

Students who need assistance with move-in due to disabilities should contact the Disability Resource Center at ada@middlebury.edu. Students with temporary mobility concerns should email Residential Life at reslife@middlebury.edu.

Room Quarantine Requirements

After they move into their rooms, students will remain in room quarantine. During this time, meals will be delivered. Students will be able to leave their rooms only in cases of a medical emergency, to use the bathroom, or to grab a meal from the dorm delivery point. It is critical that during room quarantine all protocols for physical distancing, use of face coverings, and hand hygiene are followed. Students also must conduct daily health checks.

Off-campus students enrolled for on-campus classes will need to bring food or arrange safe food delivery for their meals during this time. Off-campus students must remain in their rooms unless using the bathroom or getting a meal.

It is expected that test results will be back within 36 hours. Should there be a delay in testing results, room quarantine will be extended. Students may move from room quarantine to campus quarantine if their Day 0 test is negative, they have completed the 14-day prearrival quarantine, and they have no COVID-19 symptoms and no known exposure for 14 days prior to coming to campus. This means students may leave their rooms for activities and exercise if they are wearing a face covering and maintain physical distancing from others.

Meals will continue to be delivered to all on-campus students until all students receive Day 0 test results. The campus status web page will have the most up-to-date information on dining status and will indicate when dining halls are open for students to pick up takeout meals.