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  1. Fall 2020Students

    9/25 Dean of Students Update

    | by Derek Doucet

    I am writing with updates about coming new Phase 2 guidelines and expectations, Davis Library changes, and opportunities to ask questions and give feedback about campus climate and campus life during the pandemic.

  2. FacultyFall 2020StaffStudents

    Student Arrival Test Results

    | by Mark Peluso and Derek Doucet

    We are writing to share the results of our most recent COVID-19 tests of students arriving on campus August 28 and 29. Of the 1,109 students tested, there were zero positive results; 1,103 tests were negative; and six individuals will be retested due to insufficient samples. We also received 26 additional results from retesting, and all were negative.

  3. Fall 2020

    Community Standards

    | by Derek Doucet

    With students beginning to return to the Middlebury College campus, I would like to share our plans for encouraging positive student conduct and responding to community concerns over possible violations of our COVID-related conduct policies. Our plan features both proactive and reactive components. It both supports positive student behavior and addresses conduct violations when they occur.