The Professional Development Collaborative offers graduate-level courses through the Middlebury College Education Studies Program that specifically address content needs for PK–12 teachers implementing the IB curriculum and CCSS, NGSS, and C3 standards.

For the Love of Learning

In August 2017, the Addison Central School District and Middlebury College formalized a longtime collaborative relationship. Middlebury College President Laurie Patton and ACSD Superintendent Peter Burrows signed a memorandum of understanding that reaffirmed the close ties between the College and ACSD, and set in motion the formation of a Professional Development School (PDS). See this news article

The PDS, through a commitment to democratic inquiry, prepares and sustains educators to be knowledgeable, principled, courageous decision makers to create a more just, compassionate, and peaceful world.

Framework Overview

The PDS provides a framework to reimagine an infrastructure that will lead to a teacher induction process extending from the first field placement in a preservice program to a master teacher’s ongoing evolution as a teacher and human being.

Each course involves a broad and relevant mix of Middlebury College professors. These guest professors will share their disciplinary expertise as it relates to inquiry within the IB and CCSS, NGSS, and C3 standards.

International Baccalaureate

In April of 2021, the Teaching and Learning Team was invited to share an IB update with the ACSD Board. We took the opportunity to ask educator colleagues across the district what IB has changed for them, for their teaching practice, and for their students.

Program Goals

To embody the commitment to equity and access to every aspect of the curriculum, the ACMP PDS has four main goals:

  1. P–16 students: Increase learning for all students by creating enhanced learning environments where effective curricular, instructional, and organizational practices are used to ensure that all students reach their full potential as students and as persons.
  2. Teacher candidates: Provide teacher candidates with consistent opportunities to learn the craft of teaching and learning to high and inclusive standards through systematic school-based practice.
  3. P–16 faculty and staff: Provide meaningful, reflective professional development for school and college faculty and staff, based on their evolving needs and collaboratively developed by them.
  4. Research and communication: Support scholarly inquiry and the advancement of knowledge in teaching and learning, especially through collaboratively designed inquiry, and engage the local community to share learning.

The current state of the International Baccalaureate at ACSD