General Policies

Students enrolled in the For the Love of Learning program are held to the same community standards as all other Middlebury students. Middlebury-wide policies can be found in the Middlebury Handbook.


Attendance and participation in all classes are mandatory. Any student who is absent from more than two classes will be withdrawn. Withdrawals will be recorded on the official transcript. Tuition will not be refunded for withdrawals.

Grades and Transcripts

The following grades and corresponding quality points are used at the graduate nondegree level at Middlebury:

A 4.00
A– 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B– 2.67
C+ 0.00
C 0.00
C– 0.00
D 0.00
F 0.00

Students will not receive credit for courses in which they have earned a C+ or lower. Late submission of coursework may have a negative impact on student grades as determined by the course instructor. 

Grade Appeals

A change in grade will only be allowed in cases of clerical error or for the reason of fairness to a student. Students wishing to appeal a grade may do so in writing first to the instructor of the course, and then to the chair of the Department of Education Studies. The appeal should include copies of all relevant supporting materials. Subsequent appeal may be made in writing to the vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty (VPAA/DOF), whose decision is final. Appeal must be made within three months of the final course grade submission.


Incompletes are seldom issued and only in cases of exceptional circumstances. There must be a clear written understanding between the faculty member and the student as to the conditions under which the incomplete coursework is to be completed in order for the student to receive a course grade. To petition for an incomplete grade, students must meet with the instructor of the course and fill out an incomplete request form. A grade of incomplete that has not been resolved within three months from the end of the session automatically becomes a failure (F). Reminders of the deadline will not be sent by the Office of the Registrar.


The For the Love of Learning program is open to PK–12 teachers in ACSD. As space allows, applications may also be accepted from PK–12 teachers throughout Addison County. Completion of the preregistration form does not guarantee a spot in the class. The program seeks to establish a balance of students from the elementary and secondary schools, and applicants will be selected with this goal in mind. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the class in mid-June.   

Accepted applicants will be asked to complete a registration form to secure their spot in the class. Registration forms must be received by the Middlebury Office of the Registrar no later than August 1.

Auditors are not permitted in the For the Love of Learning program. In addition, regularly enrolled students may not change their status to auditor.


  • $2,000 per participant for the yearlong course: 45 contact hours, 3 credit hours

Every course at Middlebury College counts as one credit, not three, as is commonly done elsewhere. Hence, this course counts as the equivalent of a three-credit UVM course.


All students have access to their academic transcript online in BannerWeb. Students may also request an official transcript from the Office of the Registrar. See instructions for ordering an official transcript.

Transcripts are not issued for students who are financially indebted to the College until satisfactory arrangements have been made with Student Financial Services.