RCGA’s Faculty Fellows Program aims to advance the Center’s core objective—producing and disseminating knowledge about international and global issues—by enabling Faculty Fellows to craft events and projects on global and international issues that foster greater awareness, help students expand and refine their own research interests, and inspire those studying today to engage in real-world global and international affairs tomorrow. 

Toward these ends, Faculty Fellows help the Center develop and maintain a robust co-curricular agenda in academic and policy areas that attract substantial faculty/student interest.

Global Economics

RCGA Faculty Fellow conveners:

  • Julia Berazneva, assistant professor of economics
  • Sunder Ramaswamy, distinguished college professor of international economics

Global Health and Medicine

RCGA Faculty Fellow conveners:

  • Pam Berenbaum, director, Global Health Minor; professor of the practice of global health
  • Kristin Bright, assistant professor of anthropology

Global and International History

RCGA Faculty Fellow conveners:

  • Rebecca Mitchell, associate professor of history
  • Max Ward, associate professor of history

Global Trends in Autocracy and Democracy

RCGA Faculty Fellow conveners:

  • Sebnem Gumuscu, assistant professor of political science
  • Bert Johnson, professor of political science

Power, Wealth, and Global Political Economy

RCGA Faculty Fellow conveners:

  • Obie Porteous, associate professor of economics
  • Gary Winslett, assistant professor of political science

Security and Global Affairs

RCGA Faculty Fellow conveners:

  • Kemi Fuentes-George, associate professor of political science
  • Jeffrey Lunstead, diplomat in residence

RCGA Faculty Fellows Resources

For Event Proposals

Please note: this link is exclusively for RCGA Faculty Fellows to propose events as part of the RCGA Thematic Programs. 

For RCGA Faculty Fellows Professional Development Fund. Submit to rcga1@middlebury.edu.

Please note: this fund is only available to RCGA Faculty Fellows.

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