The RCGA Study Abroad Research Grant program is no longer in operation.

2021-2022 Grant Awards

Middlebury College Undergraduates

Melanie Leider ‘23: “Yaghan vs. Andean Mythology: A look into indigenous Latin-American ecofeminism”

2019-2020 Grant Awards

Middlebury College Undergraduates

Frank Gavilanez ’20: “The Racial and Ethnic Construction of Brazilian National Identity”

Matthew Martignoni ’21.5: “Queer and Arab Identities in Diaspora”

Kenzo Okazaki ’21: “Was It Enlightenment? The Genealogy of Biopolitics and Terror as Informed by British Practices of Slavery” *

Benjy Renton ’21: “Access to and Characteristics of Housing for China’s Urban Poor” *

Spencer Royston ’21: “Educational Philosophies regarding Portuñol in Language Classrooms along the Uruguay-Brazil Border” *

Abdoul Nasser Bounia Yahaya ’21: “The Impact of Post-Colonial Treaties on French African Former Colonies’ Current Economic Development” *

Non-Middlebury College Undergraduates at Middlebury College Schools Abroad

Bramwell Atkins, Sewanee: The University of the South ’21: “The Paleography of Anglo-Latin Medieval Manuscripts” *

* unable to conduct grant-funded research due to COVID-19

2018-2019 Grant Recipients

Middlebury College Undergraduates

Nick Hunnewell ‘20.5 (distinguised as a Lesley T. Ketzel ‘49 Scholar): “The Motives behind the Emerging Electric Vehicle Market in China”

Non-Middlebury College Undergraduates at Middlebury College Schools Abroad

Claudine Chartouni, Bowdoin College ‘20: “The Italian Art Collector: Understanding the Traits of the Collector and the Cultural Context that Shaped Them”

Emilie Flamme, Amherst College ‘20: “Krushchovkas and the Formation of Place, Citizenship, and Belonging in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia”

2017-2018 Grant Recipients

Middlebury College Undergraduates

Travis Sanderson ‘19: “Black Cat’s Claw: The Impact of Migrant Regulations on Structural Inequality in the People’s Republic of China”

Non-Middlebury College Undergraduates at Middlebury College Schools Abroad

Catherine Cartier, Davidson College ‘19: “The Art of Speaking: Oral storytelling among Syrians in Jordan”

Natasha Derezinski-Choo, Duke University ‘19: “How Kabiye-French Bilingual Speakers in Northern Togo Use French Lexical Borrowings to Index Social Identities”

Claire Koelling, Kenyon College ‘19: “Contemporary Arab Art: Outside the Western dominated paradigm”

2016-2017 Grant Recipients

Middlebury College Undergraduates

Jinsuel Jun ’17, political science: “The Importance of Access in Understanding Disability and Political Reality of Disabled Jordanians”

Timothy McGovern ’18, classics and literary studies: “Originality and Tradition: Finding Dante’s Poetic Hand in the Divine Comedy’s Presentation of the Soul”

Non-Middlebury College Undergraduates at Middlebury College Schools Abroad

Alana Felton ’18, Brown University, Slavic studies: “Rebuilding of Russian Orthodox Churches in Yaroslavl after the Collapse of the Soviet Union: The Renewal of Church-State Relations”

Hans (Lydia) Han, ’18, Wellesley College, economics: “A Political Anthropological Lens on the Jordanian System of Citizenship and the Palestinian Refugee Crisis”

Nicholas Henke ’18, Washington University, French literature: “French novels by women in the postwar era and their relationship to Second Wave Feminism”

Hilah Kohen ’18, Washington University, comparative literature: “ ‘Russian Fever’ and the Great War: A Turning Point in Russian-British Literary Relations”

Grace Monk ’18, Brown University, comparative literature and classics: “Memorias del Territorio: A celebration of the history and culture of Valparaíso, Chile, through murals”

Kevin Pham ’18, Vassar College, international studies: “Community Meme: Challenges Facing Jordan’s LGBTQ Population”

Spring 2016 Grant Recipients

Middlebury College Undergraduates

Caroline Agsten ’17, international and global studies - Awarded the Lesley T. Ketzel ‘49 Fellowship for Integrating Research with Study Abroad (distinguished as a Lesley T. Ketzel ‘49 Scholar): “Stratifying Spaces or Green Places? Gendering Public Parks in Beijing and Shanghai”

Rubi Saavedra Andres ’17, international and global studies: “Between ‘Hassa’ and ‘Hala’: The Formation of a Jordanian-Palestinian Identity”

Rachel Iacono ’17.5, international and global studies: “The Evolution of “Willkommenskultur”: The transformation of Germany’s attitudes towards mass migration”

Karma Lama ’17, environmental studies: “The Paradox of Purity and Pollution: Examining Ecology and Religion along the Ganges River”

Qingying Wang ’17, political science and history of art and architecture: “Power, Art, or Identity: A Study on French Gardens during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries”

William Weightman ’17, international politics and economics: “The Paradox of Reform: Rising Inequality, the Welfare State, and Decentralized Governance in Modern China”

Non-Middlebury College Undergraduates at Middlebury College Schools Abroad

Georgia Gempler ’17, Macalester College, Latin American studies and political science (minor): “Perceptions of Migrant Identity and Integration: A Comparative Study of Urban Brazilian and Bolivian Migrants”

Helen Mercer-Taylor ’17, Oberlin College, environmental studies: “Biodiversity Preservation through Place-Based Knowledge in Yunnan, China”

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