8/10/16 – Welcome by Michael Collier, Readings by Jane Hirshfield and Yiyun Li

8/11/16 – Reading by Alexander Chee, Solmaz Sharif, and Jane Brox

8/11/16 – Readings by Kate Daniels and Percival Everett

8/12/16 – Readings by Michael Ruhlman, Wendy S. Walters, and Sasha West

8/12/16 – Readings by A. Van Jordan and David Shields

8/12/16 – Bread Loaf Tuition Scholar Readings*

8/13/16 – Lecture by James Longenbach, “Image, Figure, Sound: The Poetic Medium”

8/13/16 – Readings by Garth Greenwell, Matthew Olzmann, and Hasanthika Sirisena

8/13/16 – Readings by Laila Lalami and Alan Shapiro

8/13/16 – Bread Loaf Waiter Readings #1*

8/14/16 – Readings by Ted Genoways and Safiya Sinclair

8/14/16 – Remarks by Laurie Patton, Readings by Carl Phillips and Joanna Scott

8/15/16 – Lecture by Jane Hirshfield, “Pocketable Breviaries”

8/15/16 – Reading by Jennifer Grotz

8/15/16 – Bread Loaf Waiter Readings #2*

8/16/16 – Lecture by David Shields, “When You Worship Your Teacher, You Remain a Student: A Self Incriminating Parable”

8/16/16 – Readings by Rickey Laurentiis, Matthew Neill Null

8/16/16 – Readings by James Longenbach and Laura van den Berg

8/16/16 – Bread Loaf Staff Readings #1*

8/17/16 – Lecture by Joanna Scott, “Stopping What We Start: On Endings in Narrative”

8/17/16 – Readings by Katy Didden, Kaitlyn Greenidge, and Luis Alberto Urrea

8/18/16 – Lecture by Kate Daniels, “Slow Fuse of the Possible: On Poetry and Psychoanalysis”

8/18/16 – Readings by Naomi Jackson, Angela Palm, and Benjamin Percy

8/18/16 – Readings by Thomas Mallon and Natasha Trethewey

8/18/16 – Bread Loaf Staff Readings #2*

8/19/16 – Lecture by Yiyun Li, “Tolstoy’s Thousand Eyes: What We Can Learn from War and Peace

8/19/16 – Readings by Mia Alvar, Antonio Ruiz-Camacho, and Matthew Minicucci

8/19/16 – Reading by Michael Collier

*Those included in the tuition scholar, waiter, and staff readings are as follows:

Bread Loaf Tuition Scholar Readings include Graham Barnhart, Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes, Matt Morton, Jennifer Lunden, Erin Adair-Hodges, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, Hai-Dang Phan, Leticia Del Toro, Sarah Dohrmann, Chris Drangle, and Cam Terwilliger

Bread Loaf Waiter Readings #1 include Benjamin Aleshire, Caroline Beimford, Sam Sax, Rita Bullwinkel, Svetlana Beggs, Eric McMillan, Carina del Valle Schorske, Sumita Mukherji, Andrés Cerpa, Caitlin McGill, Jean Ho, Kenyatta Rogers, and Kawai Washburn

Bread Loaf Waiter Readings #2 include Hannah Fries, Koye Oyedeji, Gabrielle Bates, Francisco Cantú, Michael Badger, Anne Price, Madeline Beach Carey, Joseph Capista, Maurice Carlos Ruffin, Jennifer S. Cheng, Skye Davis, Elisa Gonzalez, and Kathryn Savage

Bread Loaf Staff Readings #1 include Rosalie Moffett, Maud Streep, Matthew Kelsey, Katie Moulton, Sam Ross, Shubha Sunder, Tyler Goldman, Alice Sola Kim, and Margaret Ross

Bread Loaf Staff Readings #2 include Justin Boening, Noah Stetzer, Jason Lamb, Conor Burke, Jamel Brinkley, Sara Burnett, Leah Bailly, and Steven Kleinman