Dear Bread Loafer,

We would like all participants to send a manuscript, even those who would like to use the same translation that they submitted with their application. Please upload the two documents as described below so that we receive them by March 15 (any time that day or evening is fine).

Important note: those sending a different manuscript must send a manuscript in the same genre as the application manuscript—prose or poetry.

Whether you upload the same manuscript or a different one, all manuscripts submitted for workshop critique must consist of work that is unpublished.

You’ll see the guidelines below. These are the same as the guidelines that you followed during the application process; however, we are now asking you to send your translation sample as a Word document. It’s possible that you submitted a PDF with your application.

Please note that the faculty member often selects a portion of the manuscript to focus on during the group workshop and may choose to address the work as a whole during the individual meeting.

Thank you for submitting the two documents as described below so we receive them by March 15.

—Bread Loaf Staff

Manuscript Guidelines

Translation manuscript workshop participants submit up to 4,000 words of prose or up to eight pages of poetry.

Please prepare the following two documents to upload via the form below.

  • Translation into English with brief preface - in a Word document
    Please note “translation” at the top of each page. Please preface the translation with a brief (one page) introduction of the work identifying the language, time period, biography of the author and/or any salient details to contextualize your translation for an English-language reader. The brief preface is not included in the word count.
  • A scan of that excerpt in the original language - saved as a PDF document
    Please note “original” at the top of each page (this is usually a scan of pages from a book or other source material; please send only the portion of the original that you translated, and while scanning, please place white pages around a smaller document where needed in order to avoid large black areas on the scanned page).

Important Details

  • At the top of the translation manuscript, please include the following: the name of the author of the original; the language of the original; the genre of the piece (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry); and let the reader know if it’s a short story or essay that stands alone or if it’s an excerpt from a novel or longer work of nonfiction.
  • Note your name and a page number on each sheet of the translation and also on each sheet of the original (example: YourLastName, p. 1).
  • Please save your translation as a Word document; please save the scan of the original as a PDF document.
  • When saving the documents, use your name in the title and follow this format: YourLastName_YourFirstName_translation.docx; YourLastName_YourFirstName_original.pdf.
  • Prose translation manuscripts must be double-spaced with 12 pt. font and margins of at least 1.25”. The total word count should be noted at the top of the first page. Applicants may include one or more stories/essays as long as the total number of pages of the translation manuscript is within the 4,000 word limit. Manuscripts excerpted from a longer project should include a one-page synopsis placed at the back of the piece.
  • Poetry manuscripts should have 12 pt. font and can be either single- or double-spaced. A poem can exceed one page, as long as the complete manuscript submission is within the eight-page limit. Limit one poem per page.
  • Please do not send children’s or young adult literature, self-help literature, or translations of work that is not literary in nature.

Manuscript Upload Form

Please use this form to upload the two documents.