What is the status of my book/video (etc.) order?

Please fill in this brief form, which will be sent to a Library Acquisitions staff person.

How do I request that books, journals, or other items be purchased for the collections at Middlebury?

Faculty are encouraged to request that the Library acquire specific books, journals, films, and other materials for its collections. You may submit requests by using the Suggest a Purchase form or by sending publisher catalogs or emails to your liaison if you have done so in the past.

Here are some points to remember.

  1. Please search MIDCAT to determine whether we own a title before you request that it be purchased.
  2. For books that you need ASAP, please note the request as "rush-hold" to hold the item for yourself at one of the College libraries or "rush-reserve" for those going on Reserve. Indicate the course number for the latter. These requests are rush processed and are either held for you at the Circulation Desk or sent directly to the Reserves Desk. Note: rush orders are more expensive in both price and labor, so please use this option sparingly. The fewer rush orders we process, the more books we can buy.
  3. Journals and database requests, unlike books, take additional time to process, since they involve an ongoing annual subscription commitment that the Library must budget for more carefully than a one-time book purchase. In many cases, the Library makes final decisions about journals toward the end of the academic year. New subscriptions are often timed to begin in the new fall semester.
What online databases and journals can I access through the Library?

The Library's homepage provides access to most databases and online journals both on and off campus. Remote access is available to Middlebury students, faculty, and staff by logging in with their Midd username and password when prompted. Others must come to one of the campus libraries to use these resources. The Library maintains a comprehensive list of databases and journals (print and electronic) available to the college community. These resources and more are also listed in MIDCAT.

How do I request an interlibrary loan for materials not in the Middlebury Library?

Check out the Interlibrary Loan page for details.  Also see their ILL FAQ page for answers to specific questions.

How do I place items on Reserve for my students?

The Library places on reserve for classes a variety of materials in several formats. Please consult the Reserve Info for Faculty page for detailed explanations of its procedures. In the meantime, here are some points to keep in mind.

  1. Start early! Please compile and send lists of materials to be placed on reserve to the Reserves Coordinator well before the start of a term: July for Fall term, October for J-term, and November for Spring term.
  2. Check the catalog! When compiling a reserves list, please check MIDCAT to determine whether the Library owns all of the materials you want placed on reserve.
  3. Tell us what we need to purchase! Once you determine what we don't own, make requests to purchase items through the Suggest a Purchase form as early as possible. On these requests, be sure to include the course number and semester or term for reserve, so that the items will be cataloged directly for the Reserve Desk when they arrive. These steps are necessary because the acquisitions department needs time to acquire and process materials well before the beginning of a semester or term.
How can I find a list of the Library's most recent acquisitions?
How do I order textbooks? How do I get a copy put on reserve for my course?

The Library does not purchase course textbooks, so please order these through the bookstore (refer to the information packet sent to you by the bookstore for details about this process).  If you would like the library to place a copy of a textbook on Reserves, we are happy to accept personal or desk copies for that purpose.

How do I get access to journal issue XYZ?

Call or email Arabella Holzapfel at ext. 5284.

Can I get my favorite personal book re-bound?

The Preservation Dept. is happy to send the personally owned books of Middlebury College students, faculty, or staff to our commercial binder.  For your information, please review the following points.


  • All the items we send to the commercial binder, including personal items, fall within the parameters of a bulk service agreement.  The quantity and simplicity of our work allows us to keep costs low.  We will therefore accept only personal binding work that can be processed in the same manner as all the other materials we send.  This means, for instance, that titles may be shortened to allow them to fit on a spine.  If you have specific requirements that do not fit within our service contract with the bindery, you will need to make your own arrangements directly with them.  We will provide you with contact information.
  • All volumes are bound "as is".  It is your responsibility to check to make sure your book is complete.
  • The timeframe of your work depends on our college workload.  We follow a first come, first served policy, but personal binding jobs will be processed as time allows after the completion of our routine college work.  Please call for an estimated schedule.
  • We process hundreds of items each week.  Because of the quantity of the materials involved, it is possible that your items could accidentally be processed as library materials.  While we are careful to keep personal items separate, and no personal items have ever been mistakenly marked, it must be noted that such a mistake is possible.
  • The cost of binding individual items will vary according to the complexity of the work.  A $5.00 per item handling fee will be added to the binding cost.  Please call for an estimate.
  • Payment may be made by a personal check written to Middlebury College, or by a department account number.  (We need both the INDEX and ACCOUNT.)  We will only accept items from graduating students if binding and shipping expenses are prepaid.

For more information or to arrange for binding services, please contact Virginia Faust, Binding and Conservation Technician, at vfaust@middlebury.edu or at ext. 2391.


How do I report an error in MIDCAT?

Call or email Michael Warner at ext. 5718

Library Liaison FAQs
  • Library Liaisons who are requesting items for faculty should use the Suggest a Library Purchase form when the item is needed for the current term, if the item is a film, or the requestor would like the item Rush.
  • Library Liaisons should use GOBI if the item is a hold but not a rush, the item is not needed for the current term and for general collection development. Instructions for using GOBI can be found on the Collection Management wiki.
  • Library Liaisons should use THIS FORM if an item requested costs more than $500.00.  The Collection Development Advisory Group will decide on these expensive requests.

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