Special Collections Duplication, Digitization and Publication Request

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Digitization request
Digitization fees

Digitization fees are charged as follows:

  • TIFF scan of original ($20)
  • TIFF scan from existing scan ($15/scan)
  • Copy of audiovisual recordings ($20 per recording)
  • Copy of existing, digitized audiovisual recordings ($15 per recording)
  • Photocopy scans/pdf (.25 cents/page)
  • Our standard scanning resolution is at a minimum 1,400 pixels on the short side at 100% (approximately 400-600 dpi based on the original size). Customized scanning standards may incur additional fees.

    At the discretion of Middlebury Special Collections staff, fees may be waived or adjusted for College or non-profit use. Additional fees may be added for commercial use.

Credit and citation

For any use of Middlebury College Special Collections materials, you must cite Middlebury as the source of the original material with the following credit line:

Special Collections & Archives, Middlebury College

For additional help formatting your footnotes and bibliography, visit Oberlin College Archives Citing Archival Materials page.

Submission process

Please make checks payable to Middlebury College. Contact us at specialcollections@middlebury.edu with any questions.