Returning to Learn

Lifelong learning sounds good in theory, and, if you go to Alumni College, you know that it’s a blast in practice, too!

This year, 113 participants gathered at Bread Loaf to engage with some of Middlebury’s most inspiring professors.
Our attendees, including alumni spanning the Classes of 1946 to 2005, some coming from as far as England and some as near as the Middlebury area, brought a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives to their course discussions.

Beyond the Barn

Like any great education, learning occurs inside and outside of the classroom; Alumni College is no exception. This summer, Professor Glen Andres took his students to Middlebury where they dove into the town's rich architectural history, including visits to the Middlebury Congregational Church and the Town Hall Theatre. Professor Jeff Munroe took his class up the gondola to Killington Peak, where students could see the vast timescale of the Green Mountains, the adaptations of coniferous plants on windswept mountain tops, and the geological impact that humans have on the environment.

On the Bread Loaf Campus, students debated contemporary moral issues—such as humanitarian intervention and global responsibility—with Professor Steve Viner over lunch. With Professor Rebecca Gould, students practiced breathing exercises on the daisy-filled lawn as they contemplated the meaning of simplicity. Professor Ilaria Busdraghi whetted her students' appetites with her course on Italian cuisine, which preceded delicious meals and excellent conversations in the dining hall. 

Between classes, our lively group mingled, reconnected with old friends, and soaked up the gorgeous weather. Be sure to check out the News Room article and all the wonderful pictures from photographers Todd Balfour and Yeager Anderson ’13.5, which you can download here

What could be nicer than gathering in the sweet final days of summer enjoying mountain vistas and wildflower-scented air, exquisite meals and the fellowship of fabulous professors, classmates, and new friends?
— Megan Battey ’79

We hope that your experience at Bread Loaf blended entertainment and learning in just the right measure. If you were unable to make it, we invite you to save the date and get excited for our 40th anniversary next year!

There’s always something new to discover at Alumni College.

Save the date for next year!
August 27 – 30, 2015