“I’d call it a tie between our instructor ... and the surrounding lands of Bread Loaf. [He] designed a course that brought out the best in him as a teacher, in us as both students and citizens of the world, and in the forests and wetlands surrounding the campus. Our time in class was a continual breathtaking mixture of all three components.”

—Linda Headley Maupin ’72 from Cincinnati, Ohio

“A lovely, relaxed, peaceful retreatwith great, smart, welcoming ‘students!’ I enjoyed feeling back at school again. The peacefulness and special quality of being in the mountains, in summer, away from TV, work, construction noise, leaf blowers, crowds, and heavy traffic is priceless!”

              —Deborah Cunningham, P’12

“Alumni College is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with classmates, with the beautiful state of Vermont, and with a stimulating intellectual environment. I look forward to attending every year.”

—Scotty MacGregor Gillette ’55 from Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Excellent! What an exciting professor! Full of knowledge and good humor, he challenged our assumptions, getting us to think, rethink, ponder, question. I loved every minute of it.” 

—Nancy Walker Faulkner ’55 from Brookline, Massachusetts

“I have attended 16 consecutive Alumni Colleges. In my opinion, it is the best and most unsung gift the College offers to its alums. I have learned more in those 16 Alumni Colleges than I did during my four years at Midd. One of the true gifts of Alumni College is to learn not just from your professor, but also from all of your classmates. It is truly a wonderful, wonderful experience.” 

—Conrad Ambrette ’68 from Middlebury, Vermont

Outstanding! The professor’s enthusiasm for the subject was catching and the use of images and media held my attention and made the material come alive.”

—Tana Scott ’65 from Middlebury, Vermont

“Our professor made the topic as exciting as a mystery novel. The depth and ingenuity of his research was remarkable and his passion for the subject contagious.” 

—Will Jackson ’51 from Middlebury, Vermont

“Absolutely first rate! Our professor was fantastic in the classroom. Her research and depth of knowledge in an important area of our society is incredibly valuable. This course was stimulating, startling, fun, and one of the best I’ve taken at Alumni College.”

—Carolyn Jackson ’61 from Middlebury, Vermont

“Great classes during the day and dinner with friends at night—what’s not to like?

—David Dodge ’69 from Cornwall, Vermont

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