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Lifelong learning sounds good in theory, and, if you go to Alumni College, you know that it’s a blast in practice, too!

This year, 120 participants gathered at Bread Loaf to engage with some of Middlebury’s most inspiring professors. Our attendees, including alumni spanning the Classes of 1946 to 1995, some coming from as far as England and some as near as the Middlebury area, brought a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives to their course discussions.

The four Alumni College classes earned rave reviews. Recalling Pieter Broucke’s art history course on the Pantheon in Rome, one student notes that, “Pieter took the topic and made it as exciting as a mystery novel.” Matt Dickinson’s timely course on the upcoming presidential election, according to an attendee, “roused me to rethink all my beliefs and prejudices about elections. Matt kept our attention every minute.” Barbara Hofer’s seminar on technology in society prompted another participant to observe, “Her depth of knowledge in this important area of our society is incredibly valuable. This course was stimulating, startling, and fun.” John Elder’s class, a thrilling fusion of nature and literature, ventured out of the classroom to bask in the sights and sounds of the forest around the Robert Frost’s cabin while exploring his poetry.


Between classes, our lively group mingled, reconnected with old friends, and soaked up the unforgettably gorgeous weather. The weekend likewise offered moments of contemplation, such as the dedication of an Adirondack chair to the memory of Judy Kirby Bock ’55 and Paul Bock ’52. The chair will stand as a reminder of these two cherished members of the Middlebury family and longtime Alumni College participants.

We are also honored to report that former Vermont Governor Jim Douglas joined us at Alumni College for the fifth consecutive year, this time to answer attendees' questions about the current presidential race on a panel with Matt Dickinson. After this political update, Middlebury College President Ronald D. Liebowitz gave listeners an insider’s view of how the liberal arts are evolving. Finally, the weekend wrapped up with a banquet that brought together both the socializing and the intellectual curiosity that define Alumni College: representatives from each class reflected on what they'd gained from the weekend—before the Snake Mountain Bluegrass Band proceeded to play the night away!


We hope that your experience at Bread Loaf blended entertainment and learning in just the right measure. If you were unable to make it, we invite you to save the date and get excited for next year.

There’s always something new to discover at Alumni College.

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August 29 – September 1, 2013

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