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Are you interested in English-speaking study abroad options and are not sure how to get started?
Study Abroad101: Getting Started (English-speaking options)
October 18 – November 14
Mondays 4:15-5:00 p.m. and
Thursdays 10:30-11:15 a.m.
Sunderland Language Center Room 122


School in Brazil: Pre-departure MeetingWednesday, September 124:30-5:45pmAxinn 103
School in Spain: Pre-departure MeetingWednesday, September 126-7:30pmAxinn 103
School in Cameroon: Pre-departure MeetingMonday, September 174:30-5:45pmSunderland 130
School in Germany: Pre-departure MeetingMonday, September 176-7:30pmSunderland 130
Sophomore Study Abroad MeetingTuesday, September 184:30-5:30pmWilson Hall/McCullough
Study Abroad FairThursday, September 202:00-5:00pmAxinn Center
Study Abroad Program Info Sessions with visiting program representatives*Thursday, September 206:15-6:45 and 6:45-7:15pmAxinn
School in China: Information SessionTuesday, September 254:30-5:30pmAxinn 219

School in Japan: Information Session

Wednesday, September 264:30-5:30pmSunderland 130

Information Session:
School in Jordan &
School in Morocco

Thursday, September 274:30-5:30pmAxinn 220
School in Italy: Pre-Departure, Part IMonday, October 14:30-6:00pmSunderland 130
School in Italy: Information SessionTuesday, October 24:30-5:30pmAxinn 220
Spanish-speaking Latin America: Information SessionTuesday, October 26:00-7:00pmAxinn 220
School in Russia: Information SessionWednesday, October 34:30-5:30pmSunderland 130
School in Japan:
Pre-Departure Meeting
Wednesday, October 36:00-7:30pmSunderland 130
Study Away at MIIS: Information Session (DPP and DPMI)Thursday, October 44:00-5:00pmAxinn 220
Study Away at MIIS: General Information SessionTuesday, October 95:30-6:30pmAdirondack Coltrane Lounge
School in Brazil: Information SessionThursday, October 44:30-5:30pmJohnson 304
School in Spain: Information SessionThursday, October 45:30-6:30pmJohnson 304
School in Italy: Pre-Departure, Part IIMonday, October 84:30-6:00pmSunderland 130
School in France: Information SessionWednesday, October 104:30-5:30pmAxinn 219
School in Cameroon: Information SessionThursday, October 114:30-5:30pmSunderland 130
School in Germany: Information SessionThursday, October 115:30-6:30pmSunderland 130
Info Session: University of Waikato (New Zealand)Monday, October 154:30-5:30pmSunderland 130
Schools in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay: Pre-Departure, Part ITuesday, October 164:30-6:00pmAxinn 220
School in India: Pre-Departure MeetingTuesday, October 164:30-6:00pmSunderland 130
English-speaking Study Abroad Options: Information SessionTuesday, October 164:30-5:30pmJohnson 304
Oxford: Information SessionTuesday, October 165:30-6:30pmJohnson 304

Study Abroad 101: Getting Started (English-speaking study abroad options)

Mondays and Thursdays

October 18-November 14

Mondays 4:15-5:00

Thursdays 10:30-11:15

Sunderland 122
Africa (externally sponsored programs): Information SessionWednesday, October 174:30-5:30pmSunderland 130
School in China: Pre-Departure MeetingThursday, October 184:30-6:00pmSunderland 130
School in Chile: Pre-Departure, Part IITuesday, October 234:30-6:00pmAxinn 220
School in France: Pre-Departure MeetingTuesday, October 234:30-6:00pmAxinn 219
Pre-Departure Meeting:
School in Jordan & School in Morocco
Tuesday, October 234:30-6:00pmSunderland 130
School in Russia: Pre-Departure MeetingWednesday, October 244:30-5:45pmSunderland 130
Info. Session for STEM MajorsWednesday, October 244:30-5:30pmAxinn 219
Info. Session for Pre-Med StudentsWednesday, October 245:30-6:30pmAxinn 219
Schools in Argentina and Uruguay: Pre-Departure, Part IIThursday, October 254:30-6:00pmAxinn 220
School in India: Information SessionThursday, October 254:30-5:30pmSunderland 130
Info Session: University of Otago (New Zealand)Monday, October 295:00-6:00pmSunderland 130
Info. Session for ECON MajorsTuesday, October 306:30-7:30pmAxinn 229
Info. Session: First-Generation StudentsWednesday, October 314:30-5:30pmAnderson Freeman Resource Center
Info Session: Study Abroad in Budapest for Computer ScienceThursday, November 112:20-1:20pm
(pizza lunch included)
Sunderland 130
M-CMRS Oxford: Pre-Departure MeetingTuesday, November 64:30-5:45pmSunderland 130
"Once Upon Abroad" Jewish Abroad Student Info. SessionThursday, November 86:30pmJewish Center in the FIC
Info Session: DIS-Study Abroad in ScandinaviaMonday, November 124:30-5:30pmAxinn 229
DIS-Study Abroad in Scandinavia Pre-Departure MeetingMonday, November 127:00-8:30pmWarner 202
Info Session: SIT Study AbroadWednesday, November 1412:30-1:30pm (pizza lunch included)Mitchell Green Lounge (McCullough)
SIT Study Abroad Pre-Departure MeetingWednesday, November 144:30-6:00pmAxinn 219
UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand Pre-Departure MeetingTuesday, November 274:30-5:30pmAxinn 219
Externally Sponsored Programs NOT in the UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand and NOT DIS or SIT (and make-up meeting for other externally sponsored programs meetings missed)Wednesday, November 284:30-5:30pmAxinn 219

*Programs holding post-Study Abroad Fair Program Information Sessions

Thursday, September 20, 6:15-6:45 p.m. AND/OR 6:45-7:15 p.m. (attend 1 or 2 sessions), Axinn Center

BCA Study Abroad

Brown University

DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia

Education New Zealand


New York University

Round River Conservation Studies

SEA Education Association


Swedish Program

Williams-Mystic Program