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Middlebury Staff Council 

The purpose of the MSC is to help make Middlebury College a better place to work. The MSC is elected by the staff employees, and acknowledged by the Board of Trustees, to establish priorities and implement planning for the staff.

We post current meeting times and events on our blog.

Staff Council 2019-2020

President - Tim Parsons
Vice-President - Dana Olsen
Co-secretaries - Stacie Marshall and Charlotte Tate

District A: Katie Gillespie -

District B: Stacie Marshall -

District C: Amy Carlin -

District D: Charlotte Tate -

District E: Betty Kafumbe -

District F: Tim Parsons -

District J:  Tracy Payne -

District K: Justin Edson -

District L: Ginnie Bukowski

District M (MIIS):  Bob Cole -

District M (MIIS): Grace O’Dell -  

Member at Large: Dana Olsen -

View Staff Council representatives by District.