Budgets must conform with agency regulations and with all of the College's grant-related policies and procedures.

 Try our budget outline to organize your proposal budget.

Create a new budget using our Generic Budget Spreadsheet.This Excel template uses common grant budget categories and is based on a 3-year grant period. Some of its cells contain formulas that automatically calculate results for you based on what you've entered in previous cells. If you need help using this template, please contact sponsored research staff.

Looking for mileage, wage, or F&A rates? Other budget-related facts? Click here.

All direct costs of a research project must be included in the proposed budget. If your grant proposal requires any commitment from the College (including equipment acquisition, financial administration, teaching a course, or cost-sharing), it must go through the College's internal endorsement procedure. This procedure requires the signatures of the Department Chair (or supervisor), the appropriate senior official, the people who will have the budgetary responsibility for any cost-sharing or equipment maintenance required by the proposal, and the appropriate OGSP staff person. Other signatures may be required, depending on the nature of the proposal.

OGSP staff have been designated as authorized institutional officials who can sign grant proposals for the College and must approve all submissions. 

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