Budget Outline

This outline includes common budget categories for many grants. For more information about specific items, See Direct Costs: Salary, Wages, Fringe, Other Direct Costs, and Policies and Procedures.

SRO also supplies an Excel spreadsheet that contains the College's current rates and formulas that will calculate totals for you (click to download): Generic budget spreadsheet


Your salary (if you will be on leave and if the sponsor will pay)

Salary request = 45% of salary needed for project

Summer Salary

Up to 2/9 of your academic-year base (if allowed by sponsor)

Student wages
  • Summer research assistantships
  • Summer hourly workers
  • Academic-year hourly workers

Fringe Benefits (calculate at current rates)

See Direct Costs: Salary, Wages, Fringe for more information.

Other Costs

Permanent Equipment (itemize)
Expendable Equipment and Supplies (itemize)
Publication Costs

Include page charges and cost of reprints

Miscellaneous Costs

Examples: telephone, postage, copying, consultant expenses


Explain purpose of travel, destination, estimated number of days, actual costs or per diem rate for meals and lodging, transportation cost (use the College's official mileage reimbursement rate)

Facilities & Administrative Costs (calculate at current rates)

Formerly called "indirect costs."

See Other Direct Costs for more information.