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2014-2015 Calendar

Fall Semester

Sunday, July 13 Students depart the U.S. for India
Monday, July 14 Students Arrive in Delhi
Tuesday, July 15 Orientation begins
Monday, July 21 University classes begin
Tuesday, November 30 Fall semester ends. (Flights can be scheduled anytime after this date)

A list of holidays will be posted soon.

** This calendar is subject to change.

2013-2014 Calendar

Spring Semester

Thursday, December 26

Students depart the U.S. for India

Friday, December 27

Students Arrive in Delhi

Saturday, December 28

Orientation begins

Thursday, January 2

University Classes begin

Friday, January 25

Eid El-Milad (Muslim)

Saturday, January 26

Republic Day

Wednesday, March 27

Holi (Hindu)

Friday, March 29

Good Friday (Christian)

Friday, April 19

Ram Navami (Hindu)

Wednesday, April 24

Mahavir Jayanti (Jain)

Friday, May 2

Spring semester ends (Flights can scheduled anytime after this date.)