Middlebury Schools Abroad: Incident Reporting Policy

We share the following information to make clear when and how we report to sending institutions incidents from our Schools Abroad. In most cases, you will hear directly from the study abroad advisor of the School Abroad.  After reviewing this information, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any of our reporting policies.  Please also feel free to refer parents to our office.

Middlebury will contact a sending institution about the following involving its students:

  • Behavioral or academic issues, including Language Pledge violations, that result in program action beyond a warning
  • Student removal from the program (willingly or unwillingly)
  • Concerns about recurring alcohol abuse (e.g. impacts participation in social or academic activities)
  • Theft that involves assault or break-in (e.g. mugging, homestay break-in)
  • An accident that results in personal injury, injury that requires prolonged a hospital stay, or multiple injuries
  • Severe psychological problems that render students a threat to themselves or others
  • Physical assault
  • Sexual harassment or assault (with student’s permission)
  • Multiple stays or long-term hospitalization, possible need for medical evacuation, and/or life threatening medical emergency
  • Natural disasters that disrupt the program, or threaten student safety
  • Public health risks and/or infectious disease outbreaks that disrupt the program, or threaten student safety
  • Kidnapping
  • Arrest or impending arrest
  • Confirmed missing student
  • Significant political unrest and/or a political environment that has become unsafe, disrupts the program, or threatens student safety at one of our sites abroad
  • Student death


Middlebury Schools Abroad will handle the following types of incidents internally.  Please do not expect to hear from us regarding:

  • Minor illness/injury (e.g. fever, sprained ankle)
  • Minor behavioral issue (e.g. warning for a loud party)
  • Minor psychological issues (e.g. managed psychological condition)
  • Disruptions to individual/group dynamics (e.g. a warning for not attending class)
  • Minor damage to program or host facilities (e.g. broken lamp)
  • Minor lost or stolen property (e.g. lost or pick-pocketed wallet)
  • Minor alcohol abuse (e.g. hung over in class)
  • Ongoing political demonstrations, minor political or civil unrest


Health Insurance for Students at Middlebury Schools Abroad

All students at our Schools Abroad are enrolled in GeoBlue Health Insurance, including medical evacuation and repatriation, for the duration of their program abroad.  We contract separately for medical and security advisory and evacuation services through Global Rescue.