Kunming Faculty & Administration

Li Rong 李戎, Director, Kunming

Li Rong is from Beijing, China, where she received her B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature from the Beijing Normal University. She holds an M.A. in Education Management from King’s College London and an Ed.D in Educational Administration and Policy from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She started her career of teaching Chinese at the Inter-University Program (IUP) at Tsinghua University in Beijing in 1999. She has held teaching positions at UC Berkeley (2006-2008), the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2010-2018), and with Princeton in Beijing (PiB) in 2007 and 2009. Her research interests include language teacher education, teacher development, teacher identity and transnational education.


Rosalyn Shih 史隽皓,  Assistant Director, Kunming.

Rosalyn is the child of Hong Kong emigrants to Canada, and spent her childhood mainly in Hong Kong. She went on to study English Literature at Columbia University, obtaining a New York State Teaching Certificate in Adolescent Education (English Language Arts). After graduation, Rosalyn became a Teaching Fellow at the Urban School of San Francisco. She moved to Beijing in 2012, where she offered academic and college counseling for Chinese high school students planning on attending university in the United States. More recently, Rosalyn has been a facilitator for experiential education programs in regions including Beijing, Henan, Shanxi, Sichuan, and Yunnan. She especially enjoys leading programs on contact improvisation, mindfulness and other contemplative practices.

LI LI 李黎, Office Coordinator. A native of Kunming, Li Li received her bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language from Yunnan University. She began working as the program assistant for the Middlebury School in China: Kunming program in 2010. Li Li helps students navigate visa and passport issues, organizes activities, and coordinates with the students’ Chinese roommates. Li Li is passionate about Yunnanese cuisine and in her spare time enjoys playing badminton and hiking.

LIU DAN 刘丹. Lecturer.  After graduating from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Yunnan University (云南大学) in 1996, Liu Dan started her career in teaching Chinese at the School of International Students at Yunnan University.  She is experienced in teaching various levels of Chinese language courses, including beginning, intermediate, and the advanced Chinese.  She also teaches undergraduate courses at Yunnan University.  Liu Dan has also taught intermediate and advanced Chinese for 3 summers at the Middlebury Chinese School.  As a native of Kunming, Liu Dan helps coordinate the regionally focused Yunnan Impressions course.  Teaching Chinese as a second language is Liu Dan’s long term pursuit and she is delighted to help students to gain a deeper understanding of the culture, society and people in Yunnan.

ZHANG YOULAN 张友兰. Lecturer. Zhang Youlan graduated from Xianning University (Hubei Province) in 2008 with a major in Chinese Language and Literature. She received her master’s degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Yunnan Normal University in 2011. While pursuing her master’s degree, she worked as a part-time teacher at Yunnan University and Yunnan Normal University. She joined the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School at Kunming in 2010 as a part-time teacher. She has taught the Kunming Impressions and Business Chinese courses. Zhang Youlan has a keen interest in literature, music and travelling, and she is passionate about teaching and introducing the Chinese culture to international students

MA TIANYAO 马天遥, Lecturer. Tianyao graduated from Tianjin Polytechnic University in 2008 with a major in fashion design and textile engineering. She continued her study in Beijing Institute of Fashion and Technology and obtained her master’s degree in Art Design in 2011.  After graduating, she worked for a magazine in Beijing as an editor before returning to her hometown of Kunming. Tianyao joined MiC Kunming in 2013 and has received a rigorous training as a Chinese language instructor.  Tianyao is passionate about teaching which she approaches from a perspective of creativity learned from design. She has a strong interest in drawing, handicrafts, ethnic arts and Chinese contemporary literature.

MO JIANI 莫佳妮, Lecturer. Mo Jiani graduated from Yunnan Nationalities University in 2010 with a major in Social Work. She received her master's degree in sociology from Yunnan University in 2013. After graduating, she worked as a consultant for individuals with cognitive disabilities in several community organizations. She also worked as a volunteer helping the rural floating population integrate into city life. She joined MiC Kunming as a part-time teacher in 2013 and became a full-time teacher in 2017. She developed the Chinese Rural Floating Population course at MiC Kunming and has taught a wide range of topics in the one-on-one discussion class. She very much enjoys discussing about Chinese culture and society with her students. In her free time, she likes cooking and photography.

Ren Xiangjing 任香静, Lecturer. Ren Xiangjing obtained both her bachelor's and master's degrees from Minzu University of China(中央民族大学), with an emphasis in teaching Chinese as a second language during her post-graduate study. Ren Xiangjing started her career at CET when she was pursuing her master’s degree in 2011. Her job was to train American diplomats for ten months each year and to work with different secondary and post-secondary immersion programs during the summer. She joined MIC Kunming in 2018, when she decided to settle down in Kunming. The career of teaching Chinese makes her passionate about cultural exploration and immersion.