Sexual Violence Safety Guidelines for Students Abroad

From ‘A Guide to Keep You Safe Abroad’ Provided by Sexual Assault Support and Help for Americans Abroad (SASHAA).

Think about a backup plan. It’s not plausible to plan for every situation, but thinking through the following scenarios might prevent you from winding up in a tough spot.

  • Are you familiar with your surroundings? Take note of local landmarks, like drugstores or restaurants, that can help you feel more oriented. If something happens, you’ll know where to turn for help.
  • If you get lost, do you have the address of your lodging written down or memorized in the local language?
  • If you are separated from the group, is there a designated place where they would go to look for you?
  • If your phone dies, do you have a portable backup charger and a few phone numbers memorized?
  • Do you know where the nearest hospital or police station is and how to contact them?

From "Safety Tips for Traveling" provided by RAINN