Financial FAQs

How does study abroad affect financial aid?

Middlebury students: If your son or daughter receives financial aid, the award will be applied first to the tuition bill.  If the award covers more than tuition, the excess will be available after the semester begins.  We recommend that students arrange through Student Accounts to have any excess money either deposited into their National Bank of Middlebury account or forwarded to someone in the U.S. who can deposit the check in a U.S. bank account from which they can draw money with an ATM card while abroad.  

For further questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 802-443-5158.      

Students from other colleges and universities:
Students from other institutions are generally able to transfer federal aid.  The International Programs Office Office is able to complete consortium agreements for students wishing to transfer federal aid.  Your son or daughter should contact his or her home financial aid and/or study abroad office to find out whether they are also eligible to receive state or institutional financial aid.

When will I be billed; when is it due; and whom do I pay?

Fall semester bills are emailed to students in late June; spring semester bills are emailed in late November.  Bills are payable August 15th and January 15th, respectively.  School in Germany students who will be staying in dorms will be assessed an additional housing charge in September for the fall semester and in February for the spring semester.  All payments should be made in U.S. dollars to Middlebury College.  For questions relating to billing, you may contact the Cashier's Office at 802-443-5375.

How much will I pay to Middlebury?

Study abroad students pay the fee of their program plus any additional costs that they incur while abroad. They are not charged regular Middlebury full room and board for on-campus studies in Vermont.

Please visit the website of the School Abroad (and specific site, if applicable) and click the "Program Fees," link on the left sidebar for a complete breakdown of the fixed and variable costs for study abroad in that country.

What other expenses can I expect to incur?

Depending on the program, students may be responsible for a range of items including: rent, food, airfare, books, local transportation, and visa. Please visit the website of the specific School Abroad for estimated figures or call International Programs to speak to a study abroad adviser.

How will my student get money while abroad?

We suggest that students plan several ways of obtaining money (American Express travelers cheques, credit and debit cards). Please check with your bank to ensure that ATM and credit cards will work abroad; and specifically, that the PIN will be acceptable. Most students keep their American bank account active and have a parent deposit money into it so that they can draw local currency from it in their host country using an ATM card.