Exterior of the Humanities House at 115 Franklin Street.

The Humanities House at 115 Franklin St. is a new resource for Humanities-affiliate programming, specifically for those wishing to find a space for an event of some kind—reading group, shared meal with a speaker, meeting, reception, and so on.

The House has two large reception rooms, one of which includes a dining area that comfortably seats at least 12 people. There is also a small, well-equipped kitchen with stove, dish-washer, and other amenities.


To book the House for an event, please take the following steps: 

  1. Please check the calendar here for availability. 
    (This is a Google calendar. Please login to Google with Middlebury credentials before clicking this link. Use of the house is restricted to departments in the Humanities.)
  2. Please complete the Humanities House Reservation Request Form to request approval to use the house.
  3. Email Summer Support if you have questions.

We welcome those who are organizing events related to the Humanities to use this space and hope that you enjoy your time here.

House Rules 

Organizing catering for your event is your responsibility, whether you use College catering or a private caterer.

We receive only rudimentary janitorial services (cleaning of bathrooms, floors, and removal of trash/recycling/compost) and therefore ask that you clean and tidy up after using the space for an event:

  • If you move furniture to meet the needs of your gathering, please put everything back to its original order.
  • If you use the kitchen, please wash everything you used, put it away where it belongs, and carefully wipe all used surfaces including the dining tables.
  • If you use the dishwasher, please return all clean items to their original places.
  • Please do not leave any perishable food behind. It is OK to leave extra condiments, spices, coffee or tea that may be used by others.
  • In the case of inclement weather, please ask guests to remove their shoes upon entering.
  • Upon exiting, ensure that all lights are turned off, windows are closed, and doors are locked behind you.  
  • If you need to adjust the heat in the house during your stay, please make sure to turn the thermostat back to its original position (68)  when you leave.