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The Axinn Center for the Humanities supports a yearly Humanities Faculty Research Seminar focused on a particular theme.

The seminar is designed to support faculty as they pursue their research projects and to create collaboration and community around those projects.

With input from the participants, the seminar leader develops a rough outline of thematic connections to explore in relation to the theme, along with a short bibliography. Seminar participants each work on a piece of scholarship connected to the chosen theme—an article, book chapter, or other defined scholarly product.

The seminar convenes at least monthly, following an agreed-upon schedule of readings and/or short presentations along with discussion. Participants then present their work in a panel presentation or series of talks either in the spring of their seminar year or during the following fall.

'Mellon Migration' Seminar Participants

Rachael Joo

Associate Professor of American Studies

Leader of the Seminar for Fall 2024

Ian Barrow

Director of The Axinn Center for the Humanities, Professor of History

Leader of the Seminar for Spring 2025

Natalie Chwalisz

Visiting Instructor in Political Science

Mairead Harris

Lecturer in Chinese

Michael Sheridan

Professor of Anthropology

Yumna Siddiqi

Associate Professor of English

'Power, Represented' Seminar Participants

Max Ward

Associate Professor of History

Leader of the Seminar

Therese Banks

Assistant Professor of French & Francophone Studies

James Fitzsimmons

Professor of Anthropology

Jamie McCallum

Associate Professor of Sociology

Linus Owens

Associate Professor of Sociology

Thomas Preston

Visiting Assistant Professor of German

Ryan Sheldon

Assistant Professor of English