We offer sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings at scheduled appointments.

STIs that can be screened for at these visits include the following:

If you have any symptoms or concerns of an exposure, call Health Services at (802) 443-3290 to make an appointment with a Nurse Practitioner. Symptoms could include unusual vaginal or penile discharge, warts, lesions, or anything that seems new, different, or uncomfortable.

Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI) is an important part of overall health management. Health Services is committed to providing accessible and affirming testing for Middlebury students.

What to expect

In order to best meet an individual student’s testing needs, a sexual history is completed on the student health portal prior to a scheduled visit. The assessment asks questions about intimate experiences and potential for exposure to STIs. Health Services staff provide specific guidance for individual students in their appointment, based on the information provided in the student health portal, national testing guidance and the in-person conversation. During the visit, the clinician and/or the student will collect the appropriate specimens to send to the Vermont Department of Health Laboratory or the Porter Hospital Laboratory for processing. Test results are sent back to Health Services where staff notify students of their results and, if necessary, prescribe treatment or advise further testing.


There are no charges for Health Services visits, including STI testing appointments.

External labs who process specimens and complete testing do, however, charge for their services. Most charges are covered by health insurance, however, some copays or deductibles (the insured person’s portion to pay or a minimum out of pocket cost limit that has to be reached before insurance begins to pay for services) may apply. To find out what STI tests are covered by insurance and how copays or deductibles are structured for your plan, call the number on the back of your insurance card. Students enrolled in the College-sponsored health insurance plan can find more information online via links to health insurance plan brochure and summary of benefits and coverage. Students who have concerns about their ability to afford copays, deductibles or other costs associated with testing can share these concerns with Health Services staff in the pre-appointment form on the student health portal or during the appointment. Staff will work with students individually to reduce or remove financial barriers to accessing STI testing.


Before the laboratory completing the testing mails a bill to a student for their portion of the payment, they typically mail an explanation of benefits (EOB), explaining what tests were completed, what costs were paid by insurance and what costs will be the insured person’s responsibility to pay. EOBs are mailed to the primary insured person or the person who carries the insurance plan for the individual who is covered – often parents or family members. Students enrolled in the College-sponsored health insurance will receive the EOB at the address that the student has provided, since they are the insured person carrying the insurance. Students who have concerns about privacy and/or safety related to EOBs and parents, family members or guardians can share these concerns with Health Services staff in the pre-appointment form on the student health portal or during the appointment. Staff will work with students individually to ensure safe and private access to STI testing.

The table below lists the full cost or “out of pocket” cost for each of the tests. If your insurance covers a portion of the cost you’ll need to subtract that from the costs below to determine what you will owe. While this list is comprehensive of all of the options for STI testing, Health Services staff can help you determine which tests are recommended for you.

STI Test Vermont Department of Health Cost Porter Medical Center Cost
HIV $16 $85
Syphilis $6 $38
Gonorrhea/Chlamydia - vaginal $25 $222
Gonorrhea/Chlamydia - urine $25 $222
Gonorrhea - anal $25 $111
Chlamydia - anal $25 $111
Gonorrhea - oral $25 $111
Chlamydia - oral (not recommended per CDC) X $111
Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2 (viral swab) X $196
Hepatitis B (HBsAg, anti-HBc, anti-HBs) X $260
Hepatitis C (antibody) $21 $85