Health Services staff can consult with you about your travel plans and order immunizations and medications for students planning to travel abroad.

Immunization requirements and recommendations will vary depending on where you are traveling, your past medical history, and previous immunizations.

We recommend that you call to make your travel visit with Health Services at least two months before your departure to allow time to order and receive any necessary vaccinations and to make sure that they have time to take effect.

For a successful travel appointment you need to: 

  1. Call the Nurse Triage line at (802) 443-3290 to make an appointment and arrange to pick up a travel packet which includes a Travax report specific to your travel destination(s). 

  2. Complete the Travel Questionnaire in your student health portal under the tab “Forms” once you have made your appointment. We will use this information to determine what vaccines or medications you will need and will call orders in to a pharmacy. You may also wish to contact your insurance company ahead of time to determine what vaccines are covered as you’ll be responsible for paying the pharmacy directly. 

  3. Call the pharmacy once vaccines and/or medications have been ordered to make sure they have your current insurance information and/or payment has been processed. Once payment is complete your vaccines and/or medications will be delivered to Health Services. You will receive an email once your order has arrived.

  4. Go to your travel appointment and receive your vaccines, medications, and any instructions or medical advice related to your destination(s).

HIV testing and physical exams may be required for some travel destinations and are available at Health Services as well. Additional information about travel immunizations can be obtained by visiting the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or calling (404) 332-4565. The CDC will provide you with the most current immunization recommendations, as well as disease prevention information.