Health coaching involves health educators supporting students as they set goals, name challenges, explore their values & strengths, and access personal motivations to develop and sustain healthy behaviors and attitudes. Students can schedule up to two follow up appointments with a health educator for a total of three coaching sessions per health issue.

Health coaching is never a replacement for medical care or mental health counseling and is not appropriate to address crisis or emergency situations. To schedule a health coaching appointment, please send us an email to

If you are a MIIS student, schedule via Bookings

Health Coaching Topics

Balance and routine
Find a routine that works well for you, develop a balance between work, play and rest
Explore options for movement on campus, intuitive movement, reclaiming joy and fun in movement
Identify strategies for eating food focused on nourishment and enjoyment
Set and maintain boundaries with friends and partners, make a plan to express concern about a friend’s well-being, find social connection and community
Sleep and rest
Create and follow a sleep routine, improve sleep hygiene, give yourself permission to rest
Mind-body connection
Discover skills to manage stress, take a break from alcohol, cannabis or other substances, develop a plan to support your emotional well-being
Spirit and soul
Connect with activities and practices that are meaningful to you, explore your values and passions
Find ways your physical environment can support your well-being goals

Health Educators

Our health educator team is ready to support you in finding ways to feel your best.

Karly Beavers

Assistant Director and Health Promotion Specialist


Madeline Hope

Director and Mental Health Promotion Specialist


George Howard

Health Educator