Middlebury’s global reach allows us to expand our understanding of the diverse forms of conflict in many cultural, political, and geographic settings. Through language education and immersive learning, our students are challenged to transcend their own knowledge and habits. The skills of intercultural communication and curious listening will help our students positively contribute to the conflicts they encounter around the world.

Middlebury has 58 university partners in 17 countries, and students in these programs become cultural ambassadors. New language skills and new understandings of cultural mores are valuable tools for conflict transformation.

To learn more about specific projects in these various sites, please visit the Schools Abroad website on CT projects.

Examples of CT Opportunities in Schools Abroad

  • Student exchange between Middlebury’s Rohatyn Global Scholars and Brazil’s Universidad Federal Fluminense, focused on water and resource conflict
  • in Oxford, students enjoyed a visit from Lord John Alderdice in February 2023 to discuss the Good Friday Agreement negotiations
  • in Puerto Rico, students have taken a three-day excursion to explore the history of conflict related to the presence of the US Marine Corps in Ceiba and Vieques

Global Courses Funding Opportunities

For the next two years (2023-24 and 2024-25), we are piloting an initiative to support up to three “global courses” offered by College and Institute faculty and staff during the January, Spring, or Summer terms each academic year. The goal is to connect global immersion with conflict analysis and transformation skills in our curriculum.

Application Guidelines


Carlos Vélez, Dean of International Programs