Dear Students,

We are writing today to provide specific information about enforcement of COVID-19 testing requirements. If you are studying remotely and not on campus you may disregard this message.

Reminder about Student Testing Requirement

As stated in previous communications and the Campus Guide, regular testing is required for all students. Details about required testing frequency will always be current on the Campus Status webpage.

The only exception is for those who have recently recovered from COVID-19 and been added to the testing exemption list by Health Services. Students who test positive for COVID-19 through College testing are automatically added to the list. Students who test positive as a result of independent testing are required to notify Health Services and provide documentation (for PCR tests) to be added to the list. If you are unsure about whether you are on the testing exemption list, it is your responsibility to contact Health Services (802-443-3290 or to confirm your status.

Required COVID-19 Testing Enforcement

Missed tests unnecessarily increase risk to the campus community. For this reason, effective immediately, the following compliance plan takes effect:

  • First missed test: A warning message from
  • Two tests in a row missed or three or more missed cumulatively in a term, including winter term: Referral to the Office of Community Standards for sanctioning.

Sanctions for missed tests may include official college discipline or removal from campus housing.  

As a reminder, testing appointments must be scheduled through Bookings. The COVID-19 testing schedule is available here. If you miss a testing appointment:

  • If you miss your scheduled appointment but can still make it to the testing center before it closes for the day, do so.
  • If you missed your testing day entirely, make an appointment and come to the next scheduled testing day. If you do not, you will be considered to have missed two required tests in a row. 

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Derek Doucet

Dean of Students

Brian Lind

Associate Dean for Community Standards