Middlebury College has 16 laundry facilities.


All facilities have both washers and dryers. Buildings with laundry facilities include the following:

  • Atwater
  • Brackett
  • Brooker
  • Coffrin
  • Forest
  • Gifford
  • Hadley
  • Hepburn
  • Kelly
  • LaForce
  • Munford
  • Painter
  • Palmer
  • Prescott
  • Ridgeline Suites
  • Stewart

It is the students responsibility to clean the dryer vents after every use to ensure that machines remain in working order. If an issue with a machine arises, students are to contact CSC Serviceworks to report and open a ticket,

CSC Serviceworks Customer Service Line:

  • 844-272-9675
  • Selection option #1
CCSC Website:

  • www.cscsw.com
  • Select Service request
  • Fill in Machine information from tag on front of machine
  • Click Submit

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