An ergonomics program was established to educate Middlebury College faculty and staff about health and safety concerns in the workplace with an emphasis toward preventative care and wellness. Ergonomic assessments of office workstations are provided to new employees and guidelines to departments regarding the purchase of furniture and supplies.

What is Ergonomics?

The Oxford Dictionary and English Usage Guide defines ergonomics as “the study of the relationship between people and their working environment.”

The goal of a sound ergonomics program is to fit the job to the worker rather than fitting the worker to the job. In doing so, it is important to keep in mind that people come in different sizes and shapes and possess different physical capabilities. Therefore, the more adaptable the workstation is- whether it be an adjustable computer table for the office worker or an adjustable height stand for the assembly line worker- the less the likelihood of injury/fatigue. In the process, the morale and productivity level of the employee is also increased.

The ergonomics program at Middlebury College is specifically designed to encourage all employees to take responsibility for their own health and safety in the workplace by offering resources and learning tools for everyone to use in advance of the onset of illness or injury.

An office ergonomic evaluation is recommended for new employees and for those who relocate to a new building or office environment. The Environmental, Health & Safety Department oversees this program and may be contacted for assistance.

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For additional information, contact the EHS Coordinator at (802) 443-5726.