Dust Permit

A fire alarm shutdown form is required anytime dust, mist or large airborne particles are generated as a result of any work being performed in the vicinity of a smoke detector.

Facilities will disconnect the fire zones being affected by the dust etc. This procedure should reduce the potential of a false alarms. In addition all smoke detectors in the vicinity of the work being performed must be covered while the permit is in force.

Hot Work Permit

Welding and other types of hot work require a Factory Mutual Hot Work Permit form. The area shall be inspected to ensure that there are no materials nearby that could catch fire during the hot work. A fire extinguisher must be in the immediate area. The fire extinguisher must be appropriate for the work being performed.

Heavy boxes or other material that could catch fire must be covered with a fire proof tarp if it cannot be relocated.

A fire watch of at least 30 minutes is required by the party performing the work at the completion of the hot work. A facilities employee will recheck the area within two hours of the completion of work to ensure there is no fire in the work area.

Fire Systems Shutdown Permit

A fire alarm shutdown form together with a Factory Mutual Red Tag form is required anytime our fire protection system(s) (sprinklers, halon or dry chemical) are being shut down. At no time will any hot work be performed in areas affected by a system shutdown. One copy of the Red tag form will be stapled with the fire alarm shutdown form. A second copy will be attached to the system being closed, and the third to be kept by the person conducting the shutdown.

  • The fire department and Factory Mutual must be notified before the fire alarm system is placed out of service and when the system is restored to full service.

FORM here

Fire Alarm System Notification and Protocol

Prepared by: Edmund Sullivan
Date: September 26, 1997 Last Reviewed 7/06

Where a fire alarm system is out of service for any reason (water main break, construction, etc.) EHS shall be notified by either the department responsible for the shutdown or the department discovering the impairment. From a risk management and safety standpoint, proper notification is required so we can follow-up on life safety and property protection. In the absence of the EHS Coordinator the Risk Manager will be notified. The Fire Department and Factory Mutual will also be notified by Facilities Management.

Departments needing to be notified:

Facilities Management
Department of Public Safety
Environmental, Health and Safety
Commons Office (Dorms)
Department(s) affected by shutdown

When a required fire system is out of service more than 4 hours in a 24 hour period, the authority having jurisdiction shall be notified (Fire Department), and the building shall be evacuated or approved fire watch shall be provided for all parties left unprotected by the shutdown until the fire alarm system has been returned to service. (NFPA 101, Chapter 7-6.1.8)

During the day time building occupants can be notified by public address, personally or by posted messages that the fire alarm system is out of service.

At night a fire watch shall be posted for any building(s) that are affected by a fire system shutdown. Occupied buildings (dorms) must have a person assigned to patrol the building(s). Non-occupied building can have the patrol schedule increased. In addition all affected RAs and RHAs shall be notified through Resident Life. The fire watch will be provided by Facilities Management and/or Public Safety personnel.

When the system is back online, EHS, Factory Mutual and Fire Department (through the Vermont State Police) will be notified.


Fire Watch: When required by this policy means an individual trained to recognize a fire emergency and how to sound the alarm and evacuate occupants of the building.