Lockout/Tagout applies to all Middlebury College employees and contractors who are engaged in the following activities:

  • Servicing or maintaining equipment in which unexpected energization could occur,
  • Operating equipment that is being serviced or maintained,
  • Working in an area where a tagout or lockout system is used, and/or
  • Working on or near electrical circuits and equipment.

Lockout/Tagout is a critical safety program which prevents injury to employees and contractors resulting from the unexpected energization or start-up of equipment and/or from stored energy.

Middlebury College’s Lockout Tagout Program


LOTO Safety Info Sheet

LOTO Periodic Inspection Form

]LOTO Procedure Template](http://www.middlebury.edu/media/view/477382/original/loto_procedure_template_-_appendix_a.pdf)