The purpose of this College Policy is to define the basic elements and responsibilities to ensure the safe use of personal protective equipment (PPE) on campus.

Personal Protective Equipment Policy

Will the College reimburse me for the purchase of steel toed shoes?

Employees required to wear steel or composite toe shoes for work may be reimbursed by the EHS Office up to $75.00 per pair on an annual basis.

Safety shoes must meet the standards (ASTM or ANSI) described in the Middlebury College Personal Protective Equipment Policy under Foot Protection in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

How do I get reimbursed for the purchase of safety shoes?

In order to receive reimbursement, employees must provide the original receipt for the safety shoes, with the employee name and College ID number written on the receipt. Receipts should be dropped off or sent to the EHS Office at 161 Adirondack View.

Accounts Payable will issue payment through direct deposit or by check, depending on the employee’s normal mode of reimbursement (which may be different from payroll). The reimbursement should be received in approximately two weeks.

If I work outside in the winter, am I able to purchase a pair of steel toe winter boots also?

Yes, employees that work outside may be approved by their supervisor and EHS to receive a $75 reimbursement for a winter steel toed boot in addition to a $75 reimbursement for a warm weather safety shoe, on an annual basis.