Thursday, April 20, 2023

  • Writing Drop-In Tutoring

    CTLR Writing Center Tutors will be available to meet with students on a drop-in basis.
    Writing Drop-In Tutoring Spring Schedule

    Sunday and Monday 7-11 PM at the AFC (Carr Hall)
    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7-11 pm at the CTLR (Lib 225)
    Or book an appointment for Monday-Thursday 7-11 PM online at go/wconline.

    See more information at the Writing Center

    Middlebury College

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  • Image of three people with wings and halos

    Destroying Angels

    After returning home for their father’s funeral, a trio of Mormon siblings; Hem, Zooey, and Ollie; embark on a desperate adventure to spread their father’s ashes and escape a bloodthirsty serial killer. Written by Middlebury playwright Cole Merrell (’21), Destroying Angels is a twisted road-trip dramedy that discusses the effects of religion on your family, your friends, and yourself. Senior 700 project in acting for Maggie Connolly. Senior 700 project in directing for Zachary Maluccio.

    Hepburn Zoo

    Open to the Public
  • TESOL/TFL Biweekly Potluck

    This is a biweekly potluck where TESOL/TFL students, faculty, staff, and alumni can get together, chat, and eat good food! Bring anything to share! It can be homemade or store-bought! It can be drinks, snacks, or actual food! Come hang out and share food and maybe play some ping pong!

    Closed to the Public

Friday, April 21, 2023

  • Eid Day Celebration

    The MSA will be hosting a Burlington day trip for Muslim students to attend Eid prayer at the mosque, along with spending time in Burlington. Lunch will be provided! 

    Off Campus

  • poster for symposium

    Art vs. the Apocalypse: Fishbowl Symposium

    Join us for a dynamic conversation with guest speakers and community members about how art can reflect, engage, and resist apocalyptic ideas and futures.

    Mahaney Arts Center Seeler Studio Theatre

    Open to the Public
  • Black Studies Information Session

    Please join the Black Studies Program for an informational session regarding our course offerings for Fall 2023, our major and minor, and the future of the program!

    Lunch will be served!

    Anderson Freeman Resource Center

    Closed to the Public
  • Close-up photograph of a honeybee

    Dynamic and adaptive information accumulation and exchange during foraging

    To effectively forage in natural environments, organisms must learn and adapt to changes in the availability of resources. Patch exploitation is a canonical foraging behavior, and the way in which animals account for environmental change and uncertainty should be captured more accurately by mathematical models. We first address this issue in a model describing agents that statistically and sequentially infer patch resource quality using Bayesian updating, based on their resource encounter history.

    Warner 100

    Open to the Public
  • Weekly CT Lunch Meeting

    This series is an ongoing Conflict Transformation focused lunch meeting. It will

    McCullough - Conference Room @ the Grille

    Closed to the Public
  • CrossFit Middlebury Open Class

    Crossfit Middlebury hosts 1 hour workouts open to all students. Crossfit is “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement” — a mix of gymnastics, weightlifing, and cardio. Beginners welcome! Classes meet in Nelson Half Dome.

    Memorial Field House Nelson Multi-Use Area

  • Up Next: Consulting

    UpNext Consulting will provide you with an overview to learn about what it’s like to work in the field: what skills are necessary, what kinds of consulting exist and how to enter the field along with current trends. Participating alumni will share insight and advice about how to leverage your liberal arts education, what career progression looks like and how to pick the right firm.

    Axinn Center 229

    Closed to the Public
  • Areial view of a garden with outbuilding and a labarinth.

    Knoll Garden Volunteer Hours

    Knoll Garden Volunteer Hours, open to all Middlebury students. The Knoll serves as a site to explore topics of connection, resilience, and regeneration. The garden has been almost entirely powered by volunteers and interns for 19 years, and we are grateful you are here. 

    The Knoll

  • Jumma

    Weekly Jumma for Muslim students, faculty and staff

    Islamic Center (Forest B9)

  • Gensler Symposium: Performing Feminist Joy | Fun as Freedom: Alternative Praxis for Feminist Coalition Building

    Treasure Brooks will discuss how her work creating the feminist media company “The Meteor” was a pursuit of creative resistance. Drawing upon the scholarship of activists such as adrienne maree brown (Pleasure Activism) and Tricia Hearsay (Rest as Resistance), Brooks will also discuss her theory of communal play as a viable strategy for feminist coalition building. Her talk will examine the adverse effects of premature adulthood in communities of color and offer historical examples of playful resistance within Black diasporic and indigenous traditions.

    Franklin Environmental Center, The Orchard-Hillcrest 103

    Open to the Public
  • Let's Talk

    Let’s Talk offers students easy access to informal and confidential 25-minute consultations with a counselor. Drop-in hours take place weekly on a first come, first served basis. Offered on Fridays at the Dean’s office in McCullough Student Center, Room #137.

    Visit go/Lets-Talk or contact for additional information.

    Middlebury College

    Closed to the Public
  • Jazz Workshop

    A weekly session devoted to learning about and playing jazz in a small-group setting. Previous jazz experience is not required. Open to Middlebury College students only.

    Mahaney Arts Center 221