A the athletic center under construction.

Planning, Design, and Construction processes are integrated with our core team for capital projects, including coordination with architects, engineers, other consultants, contractors, construction managers, local community stakeholders, and local, state, and federal regulatory agencies.

Planning, Design, and Construction (PDC) is the development and implementation of capital building projects in accordance with the campus Master Plan and Middlebury’s Sustainable Design Guidelines. PDC strives to provide clear and regular communications with constituents on and off campus throughout all phases of the process.

Our Process

  • Development of Overall Program: Planning for each facility begins with the development of a targeted user program and needs assessment. This program is typically developed by a committee appointed by senior administration, in conjunction with the PDC team.

  • Architect Selection: The architects are normally appointed by the Board of Trustees’ Buildings and Grounds Committee following a recommendation from the administration. For smaller projects (usually less than $5 million), the administration may make the appointment. The architect may or may not be involved with site selection of any project. In either case, the final site selection is made by the Buildings and Grounds Committee, following a recommendation from the administration.

  • Construction: The selection of a contractor or construction management firm is made by the PDC team. Construction and total project costs will be within budget limitations established by the Board of Trustees’ Budget and Finance, and Buildings and Grounds Committees. A member of the PDC team monitors each project to completion.

Master Plan

In 2017, Middlebury published an update and retrospective to the 2008 master plan, which is available upon request in a PDF format. This document took note of the projects that had been undertaken and completed since 2008—some of which were not anticipated in the master plan.

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