Before contacting us, please take a moment to review the information below to find the service you need. 

Students: Please direct all maintenance requests to Residential Life. They are familiar with our operations and can usually help you with common problems themselves. 


The Department of Public Safety is staffed 24/7 and can reach Facilities Services personnel after hours when necessary. Call Public Safety at 443-5911 for emergencies only. Public Safety’s number for non-urgent business is 443-5133.

Bicycle Storage

See the College Handbook: Residential College Policies, College Storage Policies and Procedures, article 1b (Bicycles).

Bike Lock Removal

Please contact the Department of Public Safety at 443-5133, unless it is a kryptonite lock. For kryptonite locks you may contact Facilities Services to arrange an appointment with a locksmith. You will be asked to provide your ID number. There is a labor fee for this service.

Computer Network Problems

Contact the Technology Helpdesk at 443-2200.

Dorm Damage

All questions about student damage bills should be directed to Residential Life

Event Scheduling

Event scheduling and planning, including equipment and setup needs, is managed by the Department of Event Management.

Hazardous Waste

For disposal of hazardous waste, including chemicals, batteries, and propane cylinders:

  • Students should contact Facilities Services at 443-5472 for current information.  
  • Faculty should contact the director of Sciences Support Services at 443-5421.

Heating/Air Conditioning

Please review Middlebury’s Thermal Comfort Policy. See Heating and Cooling for info on heating season, temperature settings, how to operate dorm heating systems, and how to report heating problems.


If you are locked out of a building, office, or dorm room, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 443-5133. If an officer is unavailable to assist, Public Safety will contact our locksmiths.

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance and Operations offers a wide range of services. Students should direct all maintenance requests to the Residential Life staff.

Office Moves

Please work through your department coordinator to facilitate office moves.

Package Delivery

Facilities Services will make on-campus package deliveries for faculty and staff upon request. Please note: Individual packages should not exceed 50 lbs. Same-day requests are difficult to honor, so please allow 24 hours’ notice. Regular mail and intercampus envelopes should be placed in your department’s outgoing campus mail box for processing by the Student Mail Center.

Paper Orders

For office copier and fax paper, W. B. Mason is Middlebury’s preferred paper supplier per our contract via the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium (GMHEC). When you order paper through them, they will deliver directly to the location specified in your order.

Contact Sherry White at or 888-926-2766, ext. 8869.

If you have questions about the contract, contact Cheryl Foster at or 802-443-2321. You can find more W. B. Mason information on the GMHEC purchasing website.


Visit the Department of Public Safety for current info on parking guidelines, permitting, and visitor parking.

Restroom Supplies

Place a service request online.

Safety Issues

Safety concerns that can be addressed through repair work should be reported to Facilities Services by placing a request online.

Other concerns should be reported to Environmental Health and Safety at 443-5726.

Telephone Trouble

Contact Telephone Services, which is managed through Information Technology Services.

Vehicle Rentals

Please see our information on Vehicle Rentals.

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