ITS Summer 2022 Updates

Introducing Zoom Phone

ITS is please to introduce the Middlebury community to Zoom Phone in the summer of 2022. For more information, please see our Zoom Phone page.

Information on this page and others will be deprecated once a department has moved to Zoom Phone. Please visit our knowledge-base for more information. 

ITS provides voice services to faculty and staff at the VT campuses and buildings, as well as the Monterey campus and Washington, D.C. office.

Active faculty and staff receive telephone service with local and long distance dialing, voice mailboxes with unified messaging, and access to softphone applications providing instant messaging, presence, and additional features.

Residential halls have courtesy and emergency telephones.

Academic year students may request a telephone line and voice mailbox from a link in the Personal Information section of BannerWeb.  There is a $50 one-time per academic year installation fee per location. The telephone handset provided must be returned to ITS at the end of the academic year.

In the summer, only Language Schools faculty have the option for a dorm room phone (arranged by their coordinator).

In addition to your telephone service, our department provides 911 details to Vermont’s emergency services in cooperation with the Department of Public Safety.

If you plan to move offices, please see the  Facilities Move form.

Telephone Number Eligibility

Faculty or Staff
During the hiring process the hiring manager can request a telephone number for incoming faculty or staff.
Students residing on campus can receive telephone service upon request.
Emeriti only. with an on campus office, can receive or retain telephone service upon request.

ITS Provided Equipment

ITS will provide a telephone handset OR a wired headset for all users receiving telephone service.

Telephone handset

Handset models are assigned based on the location, number of lines needed, and role or function as applicable.

All IP telephone handsets have a speakerphone and can make internal and external calls. Analog lines do not have a speakerphone.

If a telephone handset is provided, you can still separately use the Jabber softphone application with our without your own headset. Jabber works well in conjunction with your physical handset.

Wired headset

Instead of a telephone handset, ITS can provide a wired headset.

Provided headsets are compatible with the Jabber softphone application on Windows or Apple Mac

Special Needs Hardware

Some special needs hardware is available on an as needed basis.

Ring amplifier
When the telephone ring needs to be extra loud in noisy environments.
Handset audio amplifier
When hearing issues require additional volume from the telephone handset

Bring Your Own Device

The Jabber softphone application is available for use on your personal mobile device.

Only the official Cisco Jabber application is supported.

Please see the Apple or Google App Stores for availability.

Once installed, you can login with your Middlebury credentials to access your Middlebury provided telephone service.

Voicemail and Unified Messaging

All staff and faculty extensions come with voicemail and unified messaging, which is the ability to access your voicemail via email, and/or the Jabber softphone application, as well as traditionally via the handset and a PIN.

Storage quotas for voicemail is set for all users. If more storage space is needed, a one-time quota increase can be requested with a Helpdesk ticket. If additional storage is still needed, please open a ticket for consultation.


Zoom is the recommended conferencing service, which works well for video and/or audio only conferences. Please see the Zoom at Middlebury link for additional information.

All faculty and staff assigned handsets can accommodate up to 6-way ad-hoc conference calling. Please see your handset’s reference card for details.

Verizon conferencing services are deprecated, with no new instance being created.

Departing Faculty and/or Staff

Access to the telephone extension for departing faculty or staff, whether via the handset or Jabber softphone, will be locked upon their departure.

Access to the voicemail for a departing faculty or staff member will be locked upon their departure. The contents of the voicemail will be purged within 7 days of the departure.

Exception: Retiring faculty can request their telephone number be forwarded to another domestic number for 90 days, and/or retaining their Middlebury voicemail for the same.

Supervisors or coordinators should take steps to save or forward the voicemail contents prior to the faculty or staff departure.

In most cases, the telephone extension for departing faculty or staff will be held in reserve for 1 year before being eligible for reassignment.

Telephone Related Data Retention

Call Detail Records

Call Detail Records are retained indefinitely for reporting, troubleshooting, and capacity planning.

A Call Detail Record (CDR) contains metadata about a call, it does not record or have info about the call audio content.

CDR details include info such as calling and called numbers, start and end times, duration, IP addresses, device(s) used, latency, jitter, audio/video codec, and call quality based on the metadata.

Voice Messages

Retention of voice messages is controlled by recipient.

When deleting a voice message, it is purged from the voicemail system the following day.

Voice messages sent to an email address inherit the email retention settings and policies.

Call Recording

Calls to the Department of Public Safety are recorded for public safety. DPS recorded calls are retained for up to 7 years.

No other calls are recorded.

Jabber Instant Messaging

Jabber Instant Messages are not retained or archived by the system

Users have the option to save individual chat sessions to their local machine.


In most cases the best option is to open a Helpdesk ticket so the query can be routed to appropriate staff to be addressed.

You can also call x2200 or email


In an emergency dial 911 (off- and on-campus responders) or 5911 (on-campus response) from any campus phone.

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