We oversee the management of use and contracts for these printers, create policies for printing, and oversee the billing for faculty and staff copying on campus, because most copiers are on machines that multi-function in that they print, copy, scan to e-mail, and/or fax.



Students are given a print quota each term. They may increase their quota by submitting a request for additional quota to the Helpdesk. They may print to public printers using a lab computer or mobility print from a personal computer.

Student Workers and Student Organizations

Student workers or students printing on behalf of a student organization should use their existing allotment of personal print quota and then request additional quota if running low.  The Helpdesk will contact Student Activities or student supervisors with any concerns about excessive quota requests.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may print, without limitation, to any machine on campus. Many offices and departments have shared network printers. These can be added to the printer list on any college-owned computer (for personal computers you must use Mobility Print). The Helpdesk Knowledge Base provides instructions on adding a printer to a Mac or a PC .

Monterey Campus

Please visit go.miis.edu/printingatmiis for printer set up procedures and locations at MIIS.

Copiers and Multifunction Machines


Students may use their print quota for photocopying. 

Students participating in a student organization should consult the Student Activities office staff for guidance.

Student Workers

Student workers should use their quota to print to departmental machines.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may use any photocopier on campus. Department and public machines will require users to enter their ID number to access the copy function. There is no charge to the departments for copying.


Please visit our Technology Helpdesk in the Davis Family Library for information on guest printing.


Machines that have a scan function may be used to scan-to-email. The destination must be your college e-mail address.  The system will not scan to outside addresses.  Using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other e-mail accounts will fail and cause an error. Directions are posted at individual machines. There is no cost to scan.


Students have access to an outgoing fax service in The Davis Family Library, room 142, and may receive faxes through the McCullough Student Center’s mail center. That fax machine’s number is 802-443-2068. There is no charge to students who are faxing.

Monterey students please visit Office Services at 439 Pierce St, Casa Fuente Building.

Faculty and staff can fax from their Outlook accounts via electronic faxing (eFax).  Please check with your department coordinator to learn who has access to incoming faxes.

Getting Help with SymQuest Printer Issues

IMPORTANT:  Always make note of the Printer name, SymQuest tag number, and any error message.  ITS only supports tagged SymQuest printers.  Printers purchased by individuals or departments are not supported.

Middlebury Institute please refer to the Printing at MIIS PDF Guide for support information.

Contact SYMQUEST (800-374-9900 or clientsupport@symquest.com) for the following:

  • Print quality (blotchiness, streaks, lines)
  • Jams
  • Error message on the printer
  • Replacement toner for printers in departmental areas  (SymQuest should send toner automatically when meter reaches 5% remaining but a “buffer” toner can be ordered through them to have on hand.)

Contact the HELPDESK (see go/helpdesk/ for contact details) for the following:

  • Low paper / out of paper
  • Low toner issues on public printers (print is light overall or in patches)
  • Issues with print release stations that are separate devices.
  • Anything not specifically listed above as a SymQuest issue!

Learning Resources

Learn more about your Canon or Kyocera machine’s features.

Konica Minolta “how-to”s:

Questions and concerns should be directed to the Helpdesk at (802) 443-2200 or PrinterManagement.


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