In 2020, ITS transitioned to a modern computer distribution process called zero touch computer deployment. 
Prior to this point, ITS purchased computers from hardware manufacturers, spent several hours per machine installing the operating system and software as well as running any required updates.

Zero touch deployment automates this process.  Not only does it allow ITS to focus on other strategic work which benefits the community, it also creates a more consistent experience for our users.

Here’s how it works:

  • ITS contacts the customer when their computer is due for replacement. Find more details on the replacement process.
  • A machine is purchased from either Dell or Apple.
  • Hardware information about the computer is sent directly to our cloud-based management system.
  • A deployment session is scheduled with the user.
  • The user signs into their new computer with their Middlebury credentials.
  • Middlebury’s light-weight custom configuration is applied to the computer and the user is assigned - both occur automatically. 

This process automates a very time consuming process, plus it also allows for a more secure product and a more consistent experience for our users.  Another byproduct is an improved software self-service experience.   Our services catalog has new categories for academic and business software with information on how to install the programs.

Other than the standard software installed on computers, all customization will now happen after the machine has been deployed to the customer.  If a user needs software which isn’t included by default, please visit our service catalog for more information on downloading the applications necessary for work at Middlebury.  Business applications are listed here and academic applications are listed here.  Users can also use the search box to look for any specific applications which aren’t in either of those groups.

ITS will still be involved in the distribution process and will be available to assist with any software downloads or customization needs. 

Questions?  Please reach out!

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