This section outlines student, faculty, and staff print processes.

The college encourages you to consider the full cost of printing, whether it be financial or environmental for power, paper, toner/ink, and machine.  Please print what you need as it becomes necessary.

Student Quotas

Students are given a print quota each term. They may increase their quota by requesting additional quota through the Helpdesk.

Once a print job is sent to a public printer, print release stations will store it for up to 2 hours.  If the job is not released in that time, the job will be deleted and the student’s account will not be charged for that job.  If the job is released, the student’s account will be charged:

  • Black & White: 5¢ per single-sided page, 4¢ per double-sided page
  • Color: 25¢ per page (letter), or 50¢ per page (ledger)
  • Plotter: $1.50 per linear foot (VT only)

Students required to print posters for a class should ask the professor whether those costs will be covered.

To review print history and check your account, use go/PaperCut and log on to your account.

Student Printing and Copying Policy Summary

  • Students may use public printers and copiers only.
  • Page costs are deducted from the student’s quota each time a print or copy job is processed. 
  • Students must use their own account at public computers to print.
  • PaperCut’s Web Print interface allows you to print to any public printer from your personal computer or laptop.
  • Release stations hold jobs for up to 2 hours after which they are removed.
  • When copying, copiers will automatically log you out if idle for 5 minutes.
  • Students request additional quota through the Helpdesk.
  • Request a refund through your PaperCut account, when a printer or copier malfunctions occur, which makes output unusable.
    • Refund requests are corroborated by reports of malfunctioning machines to the Helpdesk.
    • Refunds will not be given for user error (duplicate printing, selecting wrong printer, etc…) 
    • Refunds are processed by the ITS Helpdesk once a week during regular business hours. 
    • Urgent requests will be considered and are situation dependent. 
  • Professors may opt to cover the cost of printing posters on a plotter in Armstrong or The Davis Family Library’s Wilson Media Lab.  Students on the list the professor supplies to ITS will see their quotas increase by the amount the professor requested.  Students should consult with faculty if it is felt the amount will not cover needs.
  • Student organization printing and copying should be deducted from a student’s existing quota, and they can request additional quota as needed.
  • Student workers should print using their existing quota, and they can request additional quota as needed.

Student Organizations

Students involved in student organizations should follow Student Activities’ guidelines for printing and copying.  The Helpdesk will monitor use of print quota on behalf student organizations and will contact student activities with any concerns about excessive printing.

Student Workers

Students workers who are expected to print and copy using their own quota and may request additional quota as needed.  The Helpdesk will monitor requests for student worker printing quota and will reach out to supervisors with any concerns about excessive printing.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff may print on any campus printer.  They are given unlimited PaperCut accounts.  Printing is tracked only so Printer Management may gather information about which machines are being used, for what, how often and how much. 

Copying is not charged against a departmental or project Banner index.  Copiers in your department are unrestricted, unless restriction is requested.  If a department wants copying to have ID restriction, notify Printer Management.  We will provide one generic ID for for staff to use.

Toner Purchases for HP Printers

Departments will receive toner invoices forwarded to them via e-mail from Printer Management.  Coordinators should review the charges and if paying by a procurement card, contact SymQuest’s Accounts Receivable at (802) 658-9887 to pay them.  Otherwise, process the payment through the college Accounts Payable department.

Paper Cost

ITS covers the cost of white standard sized paper for print/copy needs on SymQuest (VT) or MBS (CA) tagged units (8.5X11, 8.5X14, 11X17) All other print items will still be through departmental purchases (colored paper, envelopes, stationary, or photo paper, etc) 

Order from WB Mason and when the charge comes through in Oracle use this EDORDA for your payment: 314-3101-54201-10-000000-15078-000-0 

ITS will cover the cost of:

Other non-standard paper should be purchased using departmental funds.

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