In an emergency dial 911 (off- and on-campus responders) or 5911 (on-campus response) from any campus phone.

911 calls connect to a Vermont Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) dispatch center, which may send an ambulance, the fire department, and/or local police. Simultaneously, the campus Department of Public Safety is simultaneously notified of the call and will send an officer to the location.

5911 is the Department of Public Safety’s on-campus emergency number.  5133 is the Department of Public Safety‚Äôs general line and should be used when there is no imminent threat, as well as for general inquiries.

Take care in dialing.  Dial 911 only in an emergency that requires police, fire, or medical response.  If you mistakenly dial 911 do not hang up, because call number and locations are identified and captured. The appropriate action is to stay on the line and tell the dispatcher that you have misdialed and do not have an emergency.

In the event of a hang-up PSAP dispatchers will attempt to call you back.  Should the call not be answered, a College Public Safety officer will be sent to the location of that phone.  Specific locations of calls placed from any on-campus phone are determined by the College-maintained 911 database.  Information sent to the 911 dispatcher includes the telephone number, the building and room, and the street address of the building of the extension.  The availability of this information can be critical to responding emergency personnel in cases where the calling party is unable to provide their location.

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