The college subscribes to an emergency broadcast notification system. It allows the college to send out timely information to cell phones (both text and voice), e-mail accounts, and college telephones in a rapid and organized manner. This system can reach you only if we have your contact information.

Provide your Cell Phone Number

This is optional, but strongly encouraged. If you provide a cell phone number, it will be stored in the College’s Banner database, as well as in the emergency notification system, for use in the event of a pressing need to quickly contact student and staff. It will not appear in the on-line directory unless you specifically request that option. If you own a cell phone, it is in your best interest to provide its phone number for this purpose.

How do I provide my cell phone number?

Logon to BannerWeb, select Personal Information, click on Update Cell Phone for Emergency Communication, enter your number, and save. 

If you need to update this number at a later date, simply change the cell phone number at the same BannerWeb location.

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