In the event of a breach or suspected breach of security, the Merchant Department must immediately execute each of the relevant steps detailed below.

  • The MDRP or any individual suspecting a security breach must immediately notify the Incident Response Team at, in accordance with the Technical Incident Response Policy, of an actual breach or suspected breach of payment card information. Email should be used for the initial notification and to provide a telephone number for the Incident Response Team to respond to. Details of the breach should not be disclosed in email correspondence.
  • The MDRP or any individual suspecting a security breach involving e-commerce also must immediately ensure that the following steps, where relevant, are taken to contain and limit the exposure of the breach:
    • Prevent any further access to or alteration of the compromised system(s) (i.e., do not log on at all to the machine and/or change passwords).
    • Do not switch off the compromised machine; instead, isolate the compromised system(s) from the network by unplugging the network connection cable.
    • Preserve logs and electronic evidence.
    • Log all actions taken.
    • Document all conditions, personnel, and events around system at time of and leading up to suspected breach.
    • Be on HIGH alert and monitor all e-commerce applications.

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