Frank Van Gansbeke
Monroe Hall 119
(802) 443-5932
Additional Programs
Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest

Frank is executive scholar in residence at the Franklin Environmental Center where he teaches Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investments (forthcoming). He also runs the Midd Alum Global Sustainability guest speaker series on the interaction between sustainability and the world of finance, policy making and industry. He acquired more than 30 years of global Senior Executive experience within the Corporate Finance and Capital Markets fields at Fortis and BNPP. 

At Middlebury College, Frank taught as Professor of the Practice “Capital Markets”, “Investment Management” and “Introduction to Finance”.  He mentors at their entrepreneurial program and acts as faculty advisor to RISE, a student led investment organization. In 2019, Frank was awarded the “student advisor award.”

In 2020, Frank co-established the Sustainable Finance Unconference series, a quarterly platform where prominent Sustainable Finance peers present their recent contributions in the space. At COP26 in 2021, Frank co-founded “Beyond Bretton Woods”, a think tank platform reviewing the international financial architecture and fostering the foundations for a fair, nature-centric, and regenerative financial system.

Frank is a regular contributor to Forbes online.

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