Preparing for an overseas trip, program, or new center can be as challenging as it is exciting. Whether you’re taking a student abroad to conduct research, speaking in an international forum, initiating an international program, or planning a sabbatical, we have resources to help you.

International Travel

Travel is permitted under the rules of the international travel policy. Travelers should be attentive to the COVID-19 situation in their destination and are subject to all host country travel restrictions and quarantine requirements. Faculty and staff should also be mindful that current budgets may not support previous levels of institutional travel.

International travelers are also reminded of the requirement to register any Middlebury-sponsored international travel in Middlebury’s Travel Registration system.

Use this website to get a sense of what you should be thinking about as you plan your travel, and feel free to contact Global Operations members directly as you go through the process.

Getting Help in an Emergency

My Global Rescue Mobile App

Global Rescue services at the touch of a button. Keep track of the people you care about with GPS tracking and messaging. The Global Rescue GRIDSM mobile app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

U.S. Department of State Resources

Four Simple Steps for Safer Travel

Understanding health and safety issues is an important part of any travel plan. Information gathering should begin as early as possible in the planning process. Country specific recommendations for personal safety, including guidance for vaccines and medications used to treat or prevent illness, are constantly changing. Individuals must assess and periodically reassess their travel plans and health and safety risks. 

Review these four steps for some of the most reliable and frequently updated travel health and safety web pages. 

Global Operation Committee

The Global Operations Committee is a cross-functional group that provides comprehensive support to managers/project leaders engaged in or considering projects abroad. 

A key component of our work involves supporting managers and other project leaders from the point at which they begin investigating the viability of establishing a new program or project through the entire process—including approval, implementation, on-going operations or (for projects or one-time programs), and the wind-down phase.

This assistance can come in the following forms among others: 


Forms, Policies, and Resources

See our extensive list of important forms and information.