Reflection Fridays are co-hosted by the Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life and the Social Entrepreneurship Program. In each lunchtime meeting of the series, a member of the Middlebury community is invited to reflect on the question “What matters to me, and why?” For these gatherings, the interviewers select the speakers themselves, enhancing the connectivity and intimacy of the conversations. 

reflection friday with alyssa brown '20
September 27, 2019: Alyssa Brown ‘20 interviewed by Jon Isham, Professor of Economics & Environmental Studies and Faculty Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Program 2019-20.
Reflection Friday with Nan Jenks Jay
December 4, 2019: Nan Jenks Jay, Dean of Environmental Affairs and Director of Franklin Environmental Center interviewed by Steve Trombulak, Professor Emeritus of Biology and Biosphere Studies.

Selected Recordings 

Reflection Friday: October 25, 2019

David J. Gibson Vice President for Communications and Marketing interviewed by Christal Brown, Associate Professor of Dance and Faculty Director emeritus of MiddCORE

Reflection Friday: December 4, 2019

Nan Jenks Jay, Dean of Environmental Affairs and Director of Franklin Environmental Center interviewed by Steve Trombulak, Professor Emeritus of Biology and Biosphere Studies.

The video recordings in this archive list Reflection Fridays from 2012-2018, wherein the following Middlebury College community members were interviewed:

  • President Laurie Patton discusses about endless curiosity and the lifelong mission of helping people find their voice.
  • TedXMiddlebury talks about their unique approach to sharing ideas through the TED platform and the importance of egalitarian leadership, accessibility, and fun.
  • Barbara McCall, Director of Health and Wellness Education talks about authenticity and connection, and reflects on developing her life in school and work.
  • Mark Orten, Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life shares 10 abstract and concrete things that matter to him, and how he uses mindfulness and reflection to incorporate them into his life.
  • Farid Nooni ‘18 discusses his love for mountain biking and his efforts to bring experiences that have affected him positively in the US back to his home community in Afghanistan.
  • Dr. Mike Kiernan, ER doctor and founder of Bee the Change talks about seeing through others’ eyes and being compassionate while balancing entrepreneurship, acting, and being a doctor. 
  • Mohamed Hussein ‘17 describes his experiences teaching Arabic to foreign students in Egypt, which has led to him to appreciate difference and be open to life, learning, and chance.
  • Amanda Reinhardt, Director of Student Activities, discussing the importance of play, expressions of gratitude, and maintaining faith in light of challenging circumstances.
  • Jeff Stauch, Director of Annual Giving emeritus speaks on how his aikido practice helps teach him to embrace failure and unfamiliarity. 
  • Paul Barett, Public Safety Officer discusses how sports serve as a reminder that everyone in a person’s life can make an impact, and that small actions that can make the most difference.
  • Sebastian Kern ‘17 speaks about the relationship between civic engagements and comfort zones.
  • Maggie Nazer ‘17 offered a brief but powerful message to the world: “Let yourself be broken.” By embracing vulnerability, one can be more open, appreciate their privilege, and gain self-knowledge.”
  • Sarah James ‘16 talks about doing good amidst suffering, and finding connections both locally and in the wider world.
  • Debanjan Roychoudhury ‘16 talks about bringing light, laughter, and fire to everything he does, while pondering problems of access and who he wants to be.
  • Nadia Horning, Associate Professor of Political Science discusses shifting focus away from herself, defining self-worth as a mother and educator, and reconnecting with her roots in Madagascar.
  • Gaby Fuentes ’16 talks about resisting pressures to compartmentalize oneself, and about being self-aware while considering difference, privilege, and equity.
  • Elizabeth Ready, Director of John Graham Housing and Services speaks about justice, care, and mindful perseverance in our imperfect world.

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