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What MiddCORE Alums are Saying

MiddCORE is a suite of experiential learning programs at Middlebury that builds skills, creates opportunities, and expands networks for tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Through three main offerings: MiddCORE workshops, MiddCORE J-Term course, and The Summer Intern Lab, you will engage with distinguished mentors and facilitators to apply classroom-gained knowledge to real-world challenges, develop critical skills, and gain experience working with top brands.

Listen to the social impact journeys of social entrepreneurship fellows

Listen to the social impact journeys of social entrepreneurship fellows.

Middlebury’s Social Entrepreneurship Program helps students develop their personal qualities and enhance their academic experience at Middlebury through an extracurricular commitment to driving social change, thereby helping them to carry out the college’s mission: “Through a commitment to immersive learning, we prepare students to lead engaged, consequential, and creative lives, contribute to their communities, and address the world’s most challenging problems.”

Learn more about the Oratory Now experience

student speaker
Oratory Now is Middlebury’s FREE peer coaching service dedicated to public speaking. Oratory Coaches are available in person and online to work with individual students, small groups, and full classes on presenting, pitching, and interviewing. As a first-year, you might meet a team of Oratory Now coaches through your First Year Seminar- where they run a presentation workshop for you and your classmates. You could even follow up for 1 to 1 coaching to make sure you nail your first college presentation.
If a professor notices your speaking skill, dedication, and potential, either in presenting or simply speaking up in class, you might be nominated for the Spencer Prize for First-Years. You’ll join other nominees for a friendly competition where you’ll deliver a speech connecting what you’re learning in class to what you care about. And, you could win your share of $1600 in prize money! Toward the end of the Fall term, you and your classmates might present at the First Year Symposium.
You could also get one of your PE credits by taking OratoryX- the “vocal workout” Phys Ed course taught by student coaches. We also offer an ART/PE course, Oratory In Action, during Spring terms.
Who does all the coaching, teaching and event production? We’re a team of about 50 students who train together each semester, and are hired by the college as student employees.

Global Health Program

Tired but excited, a cohort of students arrived in the Accra, Ghana airport in January to begin their winter term internships.
Tired but excited, a cohort of students arrived in the Accra, Ghana airport in January to begin their winter term internships. The Global Health program consists of an interdisciplinary academic minor, events, and experiential learning opportunities. Global Health faculty members are Professors of the Practice who bring their real-world experience into the classroom and into the Innovation Hub for mentoring and advising.

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